Blockbuster Report Tells Us What To Eat To Beat The Heat

Hot Treats

Hot Treats

It’s hot.  Really too hot to be typing this post.  The energy it is taking to type these words may just push me over the edge and into an overheated rage…but that’s okay, I like to live life on the edge, pushing it into the red zone.   With Summer in full swing, there is only one thing that can take the edge off this oppressive heat.  No, not air conditioning or bathtubs filled with ice – the savior of all things, the answer to all our woes… FOOD!

Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Published Clinical Study Shows What Treats Will Beat the Heat

Here at Dad Does we are all about science and using only the most sophisticated lab equipment to answer the world’s most pressing questions.   We had this incredible dream where we tested every food on the planet to determine what can cool the human body, but then we woke up drenched in sweat and said screw it, it’s too damn hot for science, let’s just ask people on Facebook their favorite summer treat.

So, minor edit here, let’s just delete the first 8 words from the above headline and we are all set.  Let’s look at what our members said were their favorite summertime treats to eat in our Facebook poll.  If you want to read the full facebook question and results, here is the direct link.

Warning, Reading the Rest of This Post Will Make You Crazy Hungry

The question we asked on Facebook was simply “What is The Best Summertime Treat”.  Within about 5 minutes of asking, we knew we had made a terrible mistake.   People started writing in so many incredible sounding treats we found our lives completely unfulfilled if we did not have every one of these treats, every single day!

Looking at a summary of top picks,  it was no surprise that ice cream was the big winner…

What People Eat To Beat The Heat

  • Ice Cream – 37%
  • Fruit In Some Manner (excluding Watermelon) – 21%
  • Watermelon – 10%
  • Frozen Ice, Shaved Ice, Popsicles – 10%
  • Frozen Drinks and Milkshakes – 8%

The above were the big picture top picks, but you should really read the Facebook post for all the delicious specifics.   For example, have you ever had a “Dough Boy”? Sounds incredible.  And, don’t think that all ice cream is the same, we had some great suggestions within that one category – from homemade coconut ice cream to various banana splits all the way to shaved ice from Hawaii that has homemade ice cream mixed in.   By the way, how have I lived this long on the planet and never knew that frozen chocolate eclairs existed? I told you this would make you hungry.

Crazy As It May Sound, There Was Fresh Fruit and Veggies on The List!

There was my speed of fruit on the list – like frozen chocolate covered bananas and strawberry shortcake sundae, but much to my surprise, plenty of people still like fresh fruits and veggies!  Fresh peaches, tomatoes, berries and frozen grapes were high on the list as well.

I Just Tried to Eat My Keyboard, Time To Go Make a Treat

I am crazy hungry now, time to go try one of these awesome summer treats.  Thanks to everyone who shared and if you have a treat that didn’t make the list, leave a comment here or add it to the Facebook discussion.

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