A: Rollors Q: What Would You Get if Bocce and Bowling Had a Baby?



We have been covering some toys with incredible technology. A car, that can also fly and fire missiles?  Done it.  A robotic battle turret that can track a helicopter and shoot it out of the sky?  Been there, done that.  As much as we love our battery hungry techy toys, we are always suckers for simple battery free games that are just flat out fun to play.  Rollors by Maranda is absolutely one of those games.

Rollors – Like Bocce, Bowling and Horseshoes – In One Easy Travel Bag

Rollors is an elegantly simple game, that can be played and enjoyed in a number of different ways.  The Rollors kit comes with two wooden goals and 6 wooden discs that you roll.  While there are various ways to play, the basic idea is to roll your disc and have it land as close to the goal as possible.  The rolling will remind you of bowling.  The strategy of getting the discs to the right spot for maximum points will remind you of Bocce ball.  Finally the idea of trying to hit a goal which is 25 feet away will remind you of horseshoes.

Let’s take a quick look at our video review of Rollors…

Holding A Solid Wooden Disc In Your Hand Just Feels Right

The first thing that struck us about the Rollors was the quality of the pieces.  As the video shows, the discs are solid wood and very thick.  So much of what we review is made of cheap plastic, it is refreshing to see a new toy that is made of wood and feels incredibly solid in your hand.

The second thing that hits you when you play Rollors is it is not as easy as it looks…and we mean that in the best way.  At first we worried kids would get bored with Rollors, perhaps find it to easy to roll a disc at a goal.  In testing we found just the opposite.  Rollors can be addictive.   You keep thinking you can do better, so you want to keep playing to try new techniques.  Overall, we found Rollors was  a great game for kids (and adults) of all ages to play.  Not much physical activity is required, so we could see Grandparents playing with the grandkids.  I am not a betting man, but if I was, I would bet the house on the Grandparents!

Rollors is A Great Way To Get The Kids Off Their Electronics and Playing Outside

As a Dad, I am always looking for ways to get the kids playing outside and away from their electronics.  The kids do love to run around outside, but on hot summer days they will complain it is too hot to run around or play ball.  Rollors is a pretty mellow outdoor game that the kids can play in the heat and not wipe themselves out.  As a bonus, parents will love playing the game as well, even when the kids are not around.  Having a cookout or picnic with friends?  Bring Rollors and watch the parents get into it.

Conclusion:  Rollors a New Toy With a Classic Feel

Rollors is a new toy, but it has a classic or retro feel to it.  The solid wood construction is refreshing in today’s era of disposable toys.  We love how Rollors is simple for anyone, of any age, to learn but still challenging to play.  There are various game variations included in the manual, but you can also create your own rules.  Finally the Rollors carrying case makes it very easy to throw Rollors in the car trunk and take it to the beach, camping or a picnic.

If you are looking for a high quality and fun outdoor toy, which will keep both kids and adults entertained, Rollors is an excellent choice.

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