Hot Wheels Ballistiks, Because Why Pick Between a Ball or a Car?

Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault

Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault

Perhaps us Dads and Moms just don’t understand how hard it is to be a kid today.  There is such a plethora of toys today, these poor kids constantly have to make choices of what they want to play with.  For example, zoom around a car or play with a ball.  These can be earth shattering decisions for kids.  Well kids, life just got easier.  The new Hot Wheels Ballistiks are a ball AND a car!

What Do You Do With a Ball? Launch it in A Catapult of Course!

Wait kids, it gets better.  What is the first thing you think of when you see a ball?  Me too – launching it via a Catapult!  Today we look at the Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault.  Let’s take a quick look at the Ballistiks Catapult Assault in action –

Hot Wheels Ballistiks – Good, Simple Fun

The video pretty much shows it all – not the most complicated or advanced toy in the world.  You get a car that turns into a ball.  Drop it or fire it from the Catapult and when it hits the ground it may turn back into a car.  We put that may in there, because the ball does not always transform into a car on impact.   The Ballistiks needs to hit the ground in the right orientation to pop into a car.  Still, whether it pops into a car or stays as a rolling ball, it is fun to play with.  The small size of the Ballistiks make them a great travel toy for kids as well.  As an added travel bonus – no batteries needed!

The Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault is one of the Ballistiks accessories that will be available this fall.  It was very hard not to think of Angry Birds while playing with it.  Change the trajectory, control the strength of the shot – all we needed were some pigs for targets to complete the experience!

Parents, Get Ready for Another Toy To Step on In the Middle of The Night

Good news kids, the Ballistiks are collectibles!  Bad news parents, the Ballistiks are collectibles!  Yep, Mattel Hot Wheels is planning 24 Ballistiks.  They do look cute – different colors and designs.  Kids will be into collecting and trading them, much like everything else they need to collect and trade.   There is some more good news for parents – if you happen to step on two Ballistiks in the middle of the night, they will transform into cars and voila, you have instant roller skates.  Now you can quickly skate to the kids room and for the 100th time tell them to clean up their toys.

More Information:

Hot Wheels Ballistiks Catapult Assault retails for $14.99, Ages 4+

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