How To Stay Safe While Camping? Run When You See The Guy in The Hockey Mask

Hockey Mask

Hockey Mask

As a kid who grew up in NYC,  I learned everything I know about camping from watching Friday The 13th movies.  If you ask me the top 10 ways to stay safe when camping, #1 would be run when you see the guy in the hockey mask and #2 through #10 would be run faster!

Luckily there are some people who actually know a thing or two about staying safe when camping – maybe you are one of them?  Either way, if you have advice to give or want to learn some tips on safety and camping, join us at the KOA Virtual Campfire for a Live Chat on Camping Safety at 9PM EST on 7/11/12.

What Is The KOA Virtual Campfire?

As our regular readers know, I do some community work over at Kampgrounds of America (KOA) Virtual Campfire community. The KOA Campfire is a great community where people chat about camping, cooking, travel, safety, outdoor activities and just generally having fun outdoors!

There is good news and bad news when it comes to a Virtual Campfire. Good news – no chance of accidentally starting a forest fire. Bad news – S’mores just don’t cook right over a virtual campfire! While a Virtual Campfire really sucks for cooking, it is an awesome way to have a conversation and share some ideas, tips and advice.

Join Us at 9pm EST on 7/11 for the Safety While Camping Live Chat

What Will You Learn?  Who Knows…And That’s What Makes It So Fun

I am sure the Live Chat will be filled with great tips on staying safe while camping, but things often get off topic in a fantastic way.  There are no Chat Topic Nazis, if the group wants to talk about other things, we all go there.  The chats are always fun because fun and different points come up, so come for the safety tips but stay for the surprises!

Reading This After July 11th?  You Can Still Stay Safe My Friend

Fear not if you are reading this after July 11th, you can always go back to the KOA Campfire and read all the tips, advice and information from any KOA Live Chat.   You can also read some of the other great conversations going on such as –

My Pre-Live Chat Safety Advice

The Live Chat will provide some excellent advice on staying safe while camping, but I figured I should provide some advice on staying safe while at the live chat.  Get a pen ready – you will want to write this one down.  Do NOT attempt to Live Chat while sitting in an outdoor tub, while making toast, in a lightning storm.

Hope To See You At The Live Chat on 7/11 at 9pm EST!

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