Air Hogs R/C Hover Assault, Flying Car or Driving Helicopter? Who Cares, It Fires Missiles!

Air Hogs R/C Hover Assault

Air Hogs Hover Assault

I have been busy lately, so maybe I just missed the news about Air Hogs hiring Willy Wonka to design their toys.  I know, Willy Wonka is a candy guy (and fictional of course), but if Willy Wonka did toys I could see him dreaming up a remote controlled car, that could also hop over obstacles, of course it would fire missiles and what the heck, let’s make it fly too!  Say hello to the Air Hogs R/C Hover Assault toy.

Air Hogs is On a Roll…And a Fly…And a Fire….

Last week we reviewed the Air Hogs Battle Tracker – an R/C helicopter that fires discs at a robotic turret that is tracking the helicopter and firing missiles  back.  Pretty wild stuff, so what does Air Hogs do for an encore?  They create the Hover Assault – a hybrid R/C vehicle that can drive, hop, fly and fire missiles.  If it shot chocolate missiles I would know for a fact that Willy Wonka was working for Air Hogs!

Let’s take a look at our video review of the Air Hogs Hover Assault R/C toy -

Cats Everywhere, Meet Your New Worst Enemy

Hover Assault is a good name, but if I was doing naming at Air Hogs I would have gone with Cat Tormentor.  Hmm, maybe that is why I don’t have a job naming products.  In any case, the Hover Assault is really the perfect toy to drive any cat insane – drive it around the cat, hop over the cat, if the cat tries to swat it, fly away.  Cat on your tail?  Fire a few missiles in the opposite direction and watch the cat take off and chase the missiles.

Having said all that, our market research department informs me that cats make up only 5% of the readership at Dad Does, so we should probably discuss if kids will like the Air Hogs Hover Assault.  If you have kids ages 10 and up who like R/C toys, they will love the Air Hogs Hover Assault.

Firing Missiles Out of Flying Car Is Fun, But It Takes Some Practice

We feel like a broken record, but getting the most out of any R/C flying toy takes some practice and patience.   The Hover Assaults is rated for kids 10+ and is an Expert level Air Hogs R/C toy.   You do need to spend some time with the trim control to get the Hover Assault to fly straight.  A large open room is really a must for a toy like this, trying to fly it in a small space is a real challenge.   If you have kids who are willing to spend some time learning how to fly the Hover Assault, the fun payoff is pretty big.

The Hover Assault is really unlike any other R/C toy we have reviewed.  It is part 4×4, part missile turret and part helicopter.  This is hybrid vehicle, but not because it is gas and electric, the really cool type of hybrid – part car and part helicopter!  Tap one button on the remote and you can fire one of 4 missiles on the helicopter.  Tap the other button and you do a hop, really just a short flight.  Hold down the button for a second and you go into helicopter flying mode.  Once you get the hang of it, it is a blast to drive, hop, fly and fire missiles.

Conclusion:  Air Hogs R/C Hover Assault, The Car Every Dad Wishes He Drove

The Air Hogs R/C Hover Assault is a fun toy for kids ages 10 and up who have the patience to learn how to fly it.  Once kids get the hang of it, there is a lot to love.  Drive, hop over things, fly, fire missiles – all things that 10 year old boys (and their Dads) love to do.  While the Hover Assault is a great toy for kids, it is really a model of a fantasy car for us Dads.  Imagine having a car like this for your morning commute?  Car breaks down in front of you, just hop over it.  Road out for construction?  Just fly over it.  Godzilla decides to visit your town?  Fire the missiles and be a hero.  What do you say Air Hogs, think you could make a slightly larger version of Hover Assault for 2013?

More Information:

Air Hogs Hover Assault from Spin Master is for Ages 10 and Up.  Retail Price $49.99.

Purchase the Air Hogs Hover Assault for About $40 At Amazon.Com

Air Hogs R/C Hover Assault

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