The Wii U in June? Yes, Christmas Comes Early to Dad Does

Wii U

Christmas is almost here – we are so excited!  Yep, Christmas is coming on Friday.  Friday is not December 25th you say?  So what, Friday is the day we get to play with the Wii U, the new video game system from Nintendo coming out this holiday season – so it must be Christmas, calendar be damned!

Will Our Love Affair With the Wii U Continue?

At the Consumer Electronics Shows 2012 (CES 2012) we got a chance to play with a demo version of the Wii U and we were extremely impressed.  Go ahead and read over our Wii U article now, we will all wait…

Back now?  Great – see why we are so excited?  The new Wii U controller, with a built in 6.2 inch touch screen, adds a whole new dimension to game play and this is what has us so excited.   We got a limited look at the Wii U at CES2012, and now on Friday June 29th we will  be attending the Wii U Experience in NYC to get a more comprehensive look at the Wii U.  In addition, there will be one major change from when we played with the Wii U at CES…kids!

Wii U Nintendo

Turns Out Kids Like Video Games Too

As much as I would be happy sitting around playing video games all day, it turns out that kids are actually a major market for the Wii U.  So, while my experience at CES2012 with the Wii U is fascinating to me and my therapist, the real question is what will the kids think about the Wii U.  On Friday, we will find out.

We will be allowed to bring kid testers to the Wii U Experience, so within about 1 nanosecond of me asking, both my boys agreed to come along and take the Wii U for a test drive.  As my boys are 8 and 10, it will be very interesting to see how they react to the Wii U and the game controller with a built-in screen.

Stay Tuned, Next Week We Will Have Our Full Review of the Wii U Experience

The video camera is charged, my fingers are rested and ready.  Come Friday June 29th, we will take the Wii U for a test drive and report back on what we liked and disliked about the new video game system.  I am just confused now, do I leave milk and cookies out for Santa on Thursday night now?

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