American Doll Room: The Perfect Home For Those 18 inch Amazons!

American Doll

American Doll Room
By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire

If you have a girl, you very well may have an American Girl Doll.  If your daughter (or son) doesn’t have an official doll, she might have one of the many knock offs, like the My Generation doll you can easily buy at Target or one of many others of the same size (which happens to be 18 inches, if you were dying to know).

American Doll

One of the issues with these sized dolls is that having a dollhouse for these Amazons would take up a great deal of room.  So how to satisfy your little darling’s desire to homemake for her favorite doll?  It is the American Doll Room to the rescue!

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The American Doll Room is truly a fantastic toy for doll lovers.  It comes in its own sturdy canvas bag with a zipper and a handle for easy carrying.  Unlike some bags, this one makes it easy to take the room in and out of it, leaving a bit of space for a few accessories inside.

The Room itself is great.  It is made out of a very strong paperboard or cardboard, completely covered both inside and outside with glossy images.  The inside of our sample had a bright pink interior with a photos of windows inside.  The floor resembled hardwood.  The outside looked like the exterior of a blue house.

American Doll Room

American Doll Room

The Room also included curtains which could be pinned up in the windows with sticky velcro.  The one downside to this is that the velcro closures are SO good, they sometimes pull off the sticky bits from the glossy walls, resulting in curtains on the floor.  However, this is a fairly minor flaw.  The Room came with a white carpet, too, should your child wish to put rug over the carpet.

Add a few pieces of furniture and your doll and you have doll room heaven.

American Doll Room

As easy as it is to unfold and set up, it is just as simple to dissemble it and store it back into the bag.  This allows you to put it away quickly and save valuable space that would normally be taken up by a more solid dollhouse.  It also makes it a cinch to travel with.  Playdates are a snap to pack for if you have this room to bring along.

We played with this room many times, folding and unfolding it frequently and it has held up admirably.  Outside of the issue of the curtains and velcro, I have absolutely no reservations about the quality of this product.

The American Doll Room comes in 5 different interior colors and your choice of 4 different colored carpets.  If you buy more than one room, you save money and double the fun, especially if you already own several pieces of furniture for the dolls.

In conclusion, this is a great alternative to an actual dollhouse for 18 inch dolls. It saves space and still provides a fantastic way for your child to “play house” with the dolls.  A real winner!

More Information:

American Doll Room Sells for $89.  Visit American Doll Room To Learn More

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