Review: Air Hogs Battle Tracker, The Bar For R/C Toys Just Smashed Through The Roof

Air Hogs battle tracker

Air Hogs battle tracker

The Dad Does addiction to anything that flies and has a remote control has been well documented on this site.  We have tried to break the addiction – going cold turkey and even repeating our mantra, “There is nothing new about that R/C helicopter, you don’t need another helicopter, they are all the same.”  It was almost working for a while, then Air Hogs sent us the Air Hogs Battle Tracker.  Damn you Air Hogs, why must you keep pushing the limits for R/C toys!

Air Hogs Battle Tracker Is The Fantasy Toy of 10 Year Old Boys

If you polled a group of 10 year old boys and asked them to create the ultimate remote controlled toy, here is what they would probably want….

  • A helicopter that could fire missiles
  • Another R/C toy that could try to shoot down the helicopters, more missiles, more better!
  • Throw in some drone like robotic tracking powers
  • Battles are great, but make a one player game for when friends are not around
  • Robotic voices, with creepy robot eyes are always cool – throw a couple of them in
  • Oh, and the R/C helicopter should spit out candy on demand…forever

Take everything on that list, except that last one (for now) and you have the new Air Hogs Battle Tracker which is coming in Fall 2012.  We had the chance to see a demo at Toy Fair 2012 and now we have had a chance to actually play and test out a production model of the Battle Trackers.

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Man, Why Didn’t This Exist When I Was a Kid?

You know what, the kids can have their Xbox 360s and PS3s – I had a blast playing my Atari when I was kid.  Technology has advanced, but for the most part I often feel I had just as much fun with the toys of my childhood.  In this case however, I must give it up to Air Hogs and the incredible world of R/C toys now.  The Battle Tracker is incredible fun and it does make me jealous of what kids get to play with today in the world of R/C toys.

We cover most of the highlights in the video, but here is a quick rundown on the features of the Battle Tracker -

  • 1 A.R.T. (Automated Robotic Turret)
  • 1 Disc Firing R/C Helicopter
  • A.R.T Can Be Put in Auto Mode and Track and Fire Missiles At Helicopter
  • A.R.T Can Be Manually Controlled for 2 Player Battles
  • Helicopter and A.R.T. Both React If They Are Hit
  • A.R.T Has Spooky Flashing Eyes and I Will Take Over The World Type Voice

Battle Tracker Turns Playing With R/C Toys Into a Game

There is absolutely no question that the technology crammed into the Battle Tracker is very impressive.  Even 2 years ago it would have been hard to imagine that anyone could even think of making a toy with all this advanced technology.   While technology is nice, what we really care about is if the toy is made more fun with all the new technology.  In the case of Battle Tracker, the answer is a resounding yes!

The ability to battle with R/C toys takes game play to a new level.  Rather than just flying a helicopter around the room, which can grow boring, you are now battling for your life.  The one player mode is fun, trying to dodge missiles as you fly the helicopter is an added challenge.   In our testing, the two player mode is where the fun game play really took off.  You get two kids, firing missiles and discs at each other, while flying around a room and you suddenly have a fun game, not just a toy.

Warning R/C Toys Are Not For Everyone

Now for the problems with Battle Tracker and really every R/C toy on the market.  R/C helicopters are a challenge to control and fly with precision.  You need to get the trim just right and the challenge is that the trim needs to be readjusted as the charge   in your helicopter decreases.   You only get about 8 minutes of flight time with the helicopter, before you need to recharge.

After testing many R/C helicopters we have come to realize that kids with patience have the best experience.  You can accurately fly the Battle Tracker Helicopter, but it takes some practice and patience.  If your kids have the patience to experiment and learn, they will have a terrific time playing with Battle Tracker.  If your kid wants to open a toy and have it working perfectly the first time out of the box, they may find Battle Tracker frustrating.

Conclusion:  Air Hogs Battle Tracker is The R/C Toy You Always Wanted As A Kid

R/C flying, shooting, robots, voices, flashing eyes, battles – there is a ton to love in the new Air Hogs Battle Tracker.  We wish the helicopter could hold more discs (it holds 4) and that precision on flying and shooting was better – but those are minor points.  Air Hogs Battle Tracker is an incredibly ambitious toy and for the most part it is a great success.  As long as your kids have some patience in terms of learning to trim and fly the helicopter and waiting for recharges, playing with Battle Tracker is an incredibly fun experience.

More Information:

Air Hogs Battle Tracker by Spin Master Retails for $99 (Ages 8+)

Purchase The Air Hogs Battle Tracker for About $70 on Amazon

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