Review: iOpener 4, The iPhone Case That Puts The Smart in SmartPhone

iopener 4

iopener 4

Everyone talks about how smart smartphones are today.  Sure, your iPhone can tell you if you need an umbrella and exactly where to find a pub when traveling in distant lands.   All sounds great, but what if you get to said Pub and they have a wonderful collection of bottled beers but not a bottle opener to be found?  What is your smartphone going to do then?  Well, if your iPhone is housed inside the iOpener 4 case by West 280, your phone will open that bottle of beer for you.  Now that is smart!

The iOpener 4, One More Reason To Upgrade Your iPhone 3GS

Last year we reviewed the iOpener 3, the iPhone 3GS case with a built in bottle opener.  When the iPhone 4 and 4S came along it was tempting to upgrade, but that would mean giving up our bottle opener case.  Now that West 280 has released the iOpener 4 for the iPhone 4 and 4S, feel free to upgrade your phone and still open bottles with the greatest of ease.

Let’s take a quick look at our video review of the iOpener 4 Bottle Opener Case…

Yes, They Also Make an App for the iOpener 4 Case

In our opinion, the whole appeal of the iOpener 4 case is that it adds a new function to your iPhone – the ability to open bottles.  That is a pretty cool feature to have in your phone, but if you are really into some bling you also download the free BevConX app.

The BevConX app allows you to track bottle openings, view openings on a map, auto update your friends whenever you pop open a bottle, play a song for each bottle opened and on and on.  I could see college kids really being into this, but for us Moms and Dads it seems a little over the top.  Still, the app is free, so you can give it a try and see if you like it.

The iOpener 4 Is No One Trick Pony

The iOpener 4 opens bottles, that is clearly its claim to fame, but it is also a well designed all around case for your iPhone.  At only 2 ounces and 15.8mm of overall thickness the iOpener is thin and light and does not add a lot of bulk to your iPhone.  Don’t let the lightness of the iOpener fool you, it is made of a rock solid polymer that makes the case strong enough to withstand being pounded with a hammer!  Overall, the iOpener is a very well designed case that feels like it will easily outlast our phone.

Like Feature Lists?  Here You Go, With Bullet Points And Everything…

  • 2-ounce shell constructed from a proprietary PolyCarbonate/ABS alloy
  • 16 gauge, 304 food grade stainless steel opener that retracts into the case when not in use
  • Patent pending design distributes the leveraged force of opening a beverage around the strongest area of the case
  • 100% Made in the USA

Conclusion: iOpener 4, Your iPhone 4 and 4S Just Got Smarter

The iOpener 4 brings new functionality to your iPhone 4 or 4S – a sanity saver for parents.  Yes, when you have had a long day and the kids seem to be having a competition of who can drive you the most insane, the ability to quickly pop open a micro brew and retreat to your happy place is wonderful.  Our only negative is that we don’t like the West 280 logo on the opener, but that is a minor point.  Overall, the iOpener 4 is a well designed product that will have you loving your iPhone even more.

More Information:

Visit West 280 To Learn More.  The iOpener 4 Sells for $29.95

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