Finally, The New York Times Tells Us What Dad Does

What Does Dad Do?

What Does Dad Do?

Both of my boys were down playing their Nintendos the whole time,” he said, “because this is what Dad does.

New York Times 6/14/2012

Finally, the New York Times has come forward and told us what “Dad Does”.   Just in the nick of time, right before Father’s Day, we get to learn what Dad Does.   Yes, it is a little embarrassing that our site is called DadDoes.Com and we did not break this story, it took that tabloid of a rag called the New York Times to do it – but we are a man enough to admit defeat.

So, What Does Dad Do???

If you had asked us, we would have gone on about how Dads work, care for the kids, they play, they clean, they mess, they discipline, they get incredible joy from being a parent, they get incredible frustration at times from being a parent – basically all the same things that Moms do!  Of course not all Dads do everything, it is crazy to try to group all Dads into one category, but as a whole we would not have said that Dads tightrope across Niagara Falls at night!

Yes, the above quote is from the children of Nik Wallenda, who will be crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope tonight.  His boys don’t really think it is a big deal, because that is “what Dad Does.”

This Father’s Day Let’s Celebrate All the Different Things That Dad Does

All of this is just to show that Dads are unique and do so many different and wonderful things.  I’m a Dad and walking on a thin wire over a waterfall at night is not exactly my cup of tea, but to each Dad his own.   This Sunday, let’s give Dad a giant hug and kiss and thank him for all he does – whatever that might be.  Unless your Dad is on a tightrope over Niagara Falls, then you might want to hold of on hugging him until he is on solid ground!

Happy Father’s Day to All!

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