Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas For People Who Hate to Read



We have been on the war path this year, trying to save Dad from getting another boring tie for Father’s Day.  We did our Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide, which was quickly followed by the sequel – More Fun and Wacky Father’s Day Gift Ideas.  Earlier this week we released our Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012.  Thousands of written words about Father’s Day gift ideas, which were not a tie.  We’re golden, all the bases covered – no Dad is getting stuck with a tie this year!

Wait What About Our Readers Who Hate to Read?

Yikes – we blew it!   All of our Father’s Day gift guides involved reading.  What about our large demographic who really can’t be bothered with constantly using their eyeballs to make sense of letters on the screen?  What about that dude in the corner who is in the fetal position, shaking and mumbling, “Still don’t know what to get Dad, brain melting, trouble resisting tie…

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Ears and Let The Words Wash Over You

Over the past few days we have been lucky enough to do a number of radio interviews about Father’s Day gift ideas.  We had a great time doing the interviews, but when it was over we figured that was that.  Then it hit us, we could post the radio interviews here and then you can close your eyes, just listen to the interviews and let the Father’s Day gift ideas  sink into your subconscious.  Before you know it, you will be buying Man Crates in your sleep.

If you can get past hearing my annoying voice go on and on, close your eyes, open your ears and let the Father’s Day gift ideas ooze into your body…

Double D’s In The Morning – KBMW

Since Dad Does was on, does that make it Quadruple D In The Morning???

Click To Hear the Interview

The River With Monte – WRSI 93.9 FM

You think you are stressed for Father’s Day, poor Monte is dealing with Father’s Day also being his Dad’s birthday!

Click To Hear The Interview

Or Listen to the Podcast at The River

The Sam Bourquin Show – WHBC

Listen as Sam gets an exclusive from me, I reveal for the first time ever what would be in my dream Man Crate –

Click to Hear the Interview

Happy Father’s Day To All

Okay, you need to open your eyes now, but I promise to keep this short.  Just a quick thanks to the radio stations for having us on to talk Father’s Day – always great fun!  All the host do a great job  and even if you are in another area, you can listen online.  Check them out –

Double D’s In the Morning – KBMW

Monte on The River – WRSI – 93.9 FM

The Sam Bourquin Show- WHBC

Okay, now get out there and get something great for Dad!

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