Review: Misto Outdoor Misting Fan, Are Your Sweating Days Numbered?

Misto Fan

Misto Fan

Summer – a time for playing outside, grilling delicious meals and enjoying fresh fruit from the garden.  At least that is what Hollywood would have you believe the summer is all about.  Any commercial for playing outside, grilling and enjoying the garden shows happy, dry people.  What a lie! Who is actually dry after playing, grilling or doing gardening work?  Us real people with working sweat glands are dripping wet in sweat as we deal with the 90 degree temps and high humidity.

The Misto Misting Fan From Lasko, Because Fresh Water is Better Than Sweat!

A new product from Lasko promises to put an end to our sweating summer days.  The Misto Outdoor Misting Fan (Model 7050) hooks up to your garden hose and blows out a cool fine mist that can  reduce outdoor temperatures by as much as 25 degrees.  As the temperature crawled into the 90’s we decided to give the Misto a real world, sticky humid world we should say, test.

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A Little Bit of Disney World In Your Backyard

I am sure many parents have had the experience of trudging through Disney World in July, wondering if they had accidental taken a wrong turn and ended up on the surface of the sun.  It is so hot and humid, it feels like you might pass out…then you see one of the misting stations.  You enter the fine cool mist and for a few moments feel human again.

The Misto brings that little piece of Disney World right to your backyard!  Setup is very easy, hook a hose up to the Misto, plug it in and turn it on.  The Misto is weather, UV and rust resistant so once you have it setup, you can pretty much leave it out.  To operate, you can pick from three different levels of mist and also control if you want the fan to oscillate.  Within seconds of flicking the switch you have a cool mist coming out which really did cool us off after grilling and doing yard work.

Warning Parents – The Misto is Not a Toy

Of course the kids will love to cool off by standing in the mist of the Misto.  No problem there, but the Misto should not be used as a sprinkler or outdoor toy for the kids.  You have AC power and water going into the Misto, always a situation that requires some caution.  The Misto is built for safety with a 3-prong plug and in-line GFC, but parents should still supervise kids when using the Misto.

Your Enjoyment From the Misto Will Vary Based on Water and AC Power Placement

The Misto Outdoor Misting Fan works exactly as advertised.  Plug in a hose and AC power and you have a cool mist that will feel great on a hot summer day.  The only problem can be getting water and AC power to the Misto.  If you have a situation where you want the Misto in the middle of the backyard and the closet AC power and hose hookup is 50 feet away, you then need to deal with a 50 foot extension cord for the power and a 50 foot hose for the water.  This of course will work, but it is some effort to get everything going if you are a distance from power and water.

On the other hand, if the location you want to use the Misto in is close to power and water, you are going to love the simplicity of having a cool mist available with the touch of a button.  We came up with a location near the house for the Misto.  We used a Y splitter on the water spigot so the Misto has its own spot for easy hookup, without having to detach the hose.  The Misto is also close to the outdoor power, so we simply plug it in and are ready to go.

Conclusion:  Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan, Your Best Defense Against Global Warming

The bad news is that the temperature on earth may be getting hotter and hotter every year.  The good news is the Misto Outdoor Misting Fan can drop the temperature by 25 degrees – take that global warming!

Seriously, the Misto is an excellent way to stay cool while working or playing outdoors. The Misto is simple to setup and clean and is very easy to operate.    If you don’t think you could easily run a power cord and garden hose to the spot you want the Misto, that can be a problem.  However, if you can get water and power to the Misto you will enjoy the thrill of grilling and chilling this summer!

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