Warning, Reading This Post Will Make You Fat



A headline like that and you still chose to read this post?  Wow, you live life on the edge – I love it.  So, have you had to unbutton your pants and loosen your belt yet?  Well, the increasing waist size does not happen right away, you first need to do the live chat of course.  Okay, let’s start at the top…

Join Us For A Live Chat on Camping Cuisine

The nice weather is finally here and that means it it time to plan some camping trips.  As our regular readers know, I do some community work over at Kampgrounds of America (KOA) Virtual Campfire community. The KOA Campfire is a great community where people chat about camping, cooking, travel, outdoor activities and just generally having fun outdoors!

There is good news and bad news when it comes to a Virtual Campfire.  Good news – no chance of accidentally setting your sleeve on fire (not that I talk from experience).  Bad news – S’mores just don’t cook right over a virtual campfire!  So, to make up for the lack of real cooking that happens over a virtual campfire we have decided to have a live chat about great foods you can cook up over a real campfire.

Join Us at 8pm EST on 6/12 for the Camping Cuisine Live Chat

Now, the official title for the chat is “Camping Cuisine” but come on, we all know what “camping cuisine” really means – S’MORES.  Yes, I am sure there will be some opening acts for the S’mores – I guess there are some other things you can cook over the campfire, but we all know that S’mores is a headliner for any chat about Camping Cuisine.

The KOA Campfire Is Good For More Than Just Tasty S’mores Recipes

If you ask me, all you really need to survive in this world is a good S’mores, but I guess some odd people actually care about other things as well.  The KOA Community has a wide variety of conversations going on at any time, here is a quick sample…

The above is just a quick sample of recent conversations, visit the KOA Campfire to see all the helpful conversations.

Come Join Us For Our S’mores Filled Live Chat at 8pm EST

Loosen your pants and get ready to start craving great camp food.  Come by the KOA Campfire at 8pm EST on June 12, 2012 and join us for our live chat.  Just try not to drool on your keyboard, it really puts a downer on the chat when we have an accidental electrocution.

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