The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad You Hate

Bad Dad

Bad Dad

Man o man have we had the blinders on.  We have spent the past 6 weeks working on our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.  We have searched for the most fun, interesting and thoughtful gifts for Dad this Father’s Day.  The problem is, we made an assumption and we all know what happens when we assume…. Yes, we assumed you had a great Dad and wanted to show him how much you loved, appreciated  and cared for him on Father’s Day.

But What About The Dad In Your Life That Just Sucks?

I’m not going to pull punches here, some Dads just suck.  I don’t know why, I’m not a therapist, put a gun to my head and make me guess, I go with not enough violent video games as a kid.  Regardless of why or how it happened let’s just all agree that some Dads are bad Dads.

Still, even bad Dads need a gift for Father’s Day, so we have spent about 45 seconds coming up with the Ultimate Complete Guide to The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad You Hate (or the simple acronym -UCGTTTBFDGFTDYH).   Get your pens ready, this gets complicated and you will want to take careful notes…

Ultimate Complete Guide to The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad You Hate (UCGTTTBFDGFTDYH)

10. A Tie

9. A Tie

8. A Tie

7. A Tie

6. A Tie

5. A Tie

4. A Tie

3. A Tie

2. A Tie

1. A Tie

Dads Absolutely Hate Ties and We Have the Stat To Prove It

I know what you are thinking – is a tie really the worst present you could get the Dad you hate?  I mean, if you really have it in for your Dad you could just get him nothing -right?  Wrong!  Your Dad would actually prefer nothing over a tie! Check out this stat – we will put it big and bold just to prove how true it is…

What Would Dad Rather Receive?

No Gift – 65%    Neck Tie – 35%

Source: TechBargains.Com Survey

Let’s let that sink in for a minute.  If you gave Dad the choice of  a neck tie or absolutely nothing for Father’s Day, 65% of Dads would prefer you gave them nothing.  So, if you want to stick it to Dad, get him a tie – end of story!

Why Is Nothing Better Than a Tie for Father’s Day?

Nothing is actually a pretty thoughtful gift if you sell it right.  Here is how the setup could go –

“Dad, I searched for a gift that could show how much I love and appreciate you, but there is no material thing in this universe that could possibly show how much I love you. “

Give Dad a hug and a kiss and you are golden.

On the other hand, how do you sell a tie as the perfect gift for Dad???

“Dad, here is yet another neck tie.  Wrap it around your neck, tighten it, like a noose, until you feel discomfort in your head.  Let it hang from your neck as a reminder of having to work for the man, sell your soul and giving up on all your dreams.   Oh, it will also go great with that suit you wear to funerals now.  Happy Father’s Day!”

For The Dad You Hate, A Tie, But For Everyone Else…

So, for those of you who want to piss Dad off – go with the tie.  Hopefully the other 99.9% of you want to get Dad something great this year, so go with something from our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.

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