Review: AirZone Series 1 Speaker With AirPlay, Fly Free iPhones!

AirZone Series 1

AirZone Series 1 by Gear4

When you hear the name “AirZone Series 1” you might think about a cool R/C flying toy… what you probably don’t think about is a speaker dock for your iPhone.  The AirZone Series 1 by Gear4, however, is no ordinary speaker.   By incorporating Apple AirPlay support into the speaker you can wireless stream music from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or even iTunes on your PC or Mac.  So maybe this is a cool flying toy…it is just your music that is doing the flying!

AirZone Series 1 Makes Your iOS Device Even More Powerful

As if our iPhones, iPods and iPads were not cool enough, the AirZone Series 1 brings things to a new level.  Now when the kids want to hear a song from your iPhone  you can do a few swipes on your phone and have music filling the room from the powerful AirZone Series 1 Speaker, without ever getting out of your favorite chair.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at the AirZone Series 1 In Action -

AirZone Series 1 Is A Full Featured Speaker System

Speaker docks for your iPhone and iPod are not new, but the AirZone Series 1 really ups the ante for what you can expect in a speaker dock.  Here is a quick run down on the features –

  • Apple AirPlay Enabled
  • Store your favorite FM stations with memory presets
  • Charges your iPod / iPhone / iPad
  • Remote Control
  • LCD Display
  • Stylish metal design and high gloss finish
  • 6 Equalizer Settings
  • Auxiliary In Jack To Connect Other Music Sources

Of course the most important feature on a speaker is how it sounds, and the AirZone Series 1 does not disappoint in this area.  The sound is rich and full and the speaker is big enough to provide some solid bass.  While we did not do sophisticated audio testing, we did play a variety of music styles and they all sounded fantastic.

The Secret Computer That Lives In Your Speaker

AirZone Series 1

While there are a number of features to the AirZone Series 1, the most impressive by far is the addition of Apple AirPlay.  To get this to work, the clever folks at Gear4 tucked some computer power and a WiFi device in this speaker.

In order to get AirPlay to work, you first need to configure the Speaker to talk to your wireless router.  Don’t worry, this is a very easy process.  You simply need to select the name of your WiFi router in your home and then enter the password, if it is password protected.  This is a one-time deal, after you set this up – you never need to worry about it again.

To use AirPlay, you simply play music on your iOS device (AirPlay requires iOS 4.3.3 and above) and at the bottom of the screen you will see a little box with an arrow in it.  Click the box and you will see an option to select the AirZone – click it and magically music is streaming to your speaker from anywhere in the house.

One of the great things about streaming music is that you still have your phone in your hand.  This means you can skip songs, answer a call if it comes in or instantly fill your desire to play Angry Birds if the mode hits you.  I consider this one of the best features of a speaker that works with AirPlay.  Too often, speaker docks go unused because people don’t like being without their phone – sad, but true.

Conclusion: AirZone Series 1 Is Technology That Magically Disappears

Without a doubt, the best technology for busy parents is one that makes their life easier or better and just disappears into the background.  The AirZone Series 1 Speaker is exactly this type of technology.   You want music from your phone to be heard by the family, you do a few swipes without leaving your chair and it is done.  Simple, easy and fast – three things all parents love!

The only negative we have on the AirZone Series 1 is the price – it sells for about $250.  Yes, that is considerable more than other iPhone Speaker docks – but for us the AirPlay feature has tremendous advantages.  We have other iPhone Speaker Docks in the house that tend to go unused – we just never go through the trouble of docking the phone (which may require removing the phone from its case), finding the remote to control the docked phone, etc.  On the other hand, The AirZone Series 1 has been a constant source of music in our house, since it just takes a swipe to get music from your phone to your speaker.

If you are looking for a fantastic sounding speaker that seems to almost magically connect to your iOS devices, the AirZone Series 1 is a perfect pick.

More Information:

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