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I’m a New Yorker.  I grew up in the city in the 70’s, where I spent my 8th birthday party getting mugged in Time Square.  I have been silly enough to think that I knew where the red card was in 3 Card Monte.  I’ve been at Port Authority at 2am.  I know scary, seedy, scam filled situations…but none of that compares to the darkest of all worlds…the world of nutritional supplements and diet pills!

Get Thinner, Younger and Smarter – Just By Taking This Pill!

We have all seen the ads, before and after pictures,  quotes from Dr. Oz, websites, fake news reports and more that play to our biggest fears – we are getting older, uglier, slower and dumber!  Want to live life on the edge, do this search on Google…

“weight loss supplement reviews”

Or get really risky and try this…

“what African Mango does Dr Oz recommend”

You can go full out insane and try this one…

“best way to help me lose 10 pounds”

Those all may seem like innocent enough searches but be prepared to be bombarded with misinformation, half truths, deceptive advertising, lies, scams and more photos of women in bikinis than in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Is There Such a Thing as Honest Supplement Reviews and Information?

Here at DadDoes.Com we pride ourselves on doing honest product reviews on just about everything.  We review toys, food, cars, gadgets, gear – pretty much everything…except nutritional supplements.  This seems strange as our goal is to find products that can make Dads and Moms life a little easier, better or more fun in some way.  So, why not review supplements and ingredients that claim to better your health?  For a couple of reasons…

First, we have some experience in the supplement world and we were trying to do something different here at DadDoes.Com .  Having worked on supplements in the past, it was a case of “been there, done that” and to be honest we had little interest in covering the supplement world again.

Second, and more importantly, we were not sure how to do an honest review of supplements.  If I take African Mango and lose weight – does that mean you will lose weight?  Perhaps I was exercising more and that is why I lost the weight.  What about if I take African Mango and have some side effects, does that mean you will have them as well?  Simply put, it seemed like doing honest and fair product reviews of supplements was too challenging.

That All Changes Today With the Dad Does Nutrition Series

Nutrition Reviews

What is life without challenge?  It may not be easy to provide honest and useful information about supplements and new ingredients, but we really can’t do much worse than what is out there now!  There is so much garbage online when it comes to health, nutrition, diet and wellness that we have decided to end our ban on reviewing supplements and diet ingredients and launch our Dad Does Nutrition Series.

How Are We Going To Pull These Health Reviews Off

As we are Dads and not Doctors, Nutritionist and Dietitians, we start at a bit of a disadvantage.   We do however know how to research, evaluate and present factual information to our readers and that is something that is bizarrely missing in the world of nutritional supplement reviews.

We are going with the “Give A Man a Fish And You Feed Him For A Day.  Teach a Man to Fish And You Feed Him For a Lifetime” approach.   We are not going to try to review every supplement on the market, rather we will focus on the ingredients and tips on how to tell a real effective supplement versus a bottle of snake oil.   There is a real science to reading the ingredient labels and “clinical studies” and quickly being able to judge if a supplement is for real.

As a quick example, let’s look at this African Mango we have mentioned.    African Mango is being promoted as a weight loss pill because Doctor Oz talked about it on his show and mentioned some clinical studies showing weight loss.  Dig deeper and you quickly find out only one form of African Mango has shown weight loss in clinical studies – IGOB131.  Keep digging and you find the exact dosage of IGOB131 that was used in the study.  Now, armed with the exact ingredient and dosage that showed weight loss, you will have a much easier time evaluating all the different African Mango supplements on the market.

UPDATE: We Now Have A Full Review of African Mango in the Spotlight. Click Here to Read Our African Mango Ingredient Review.

We Need Your Help to Get This Right

Ever wanted to be a guinea pig?  Now is your chance!  As much as we will focus on general tips for finding the best and most effective supplements, we will also do some hands on testing of specific products.  We get endless pitches from supplement companies who are willing to send some samples for us to try out and we will need your help in testing these products out.  Drop a comment below if you would be interested in getting some samples to test out.

More importantly, we also need your help in guiding us.  Let us know what supplements or ingredients you are most interested in learning about.  We will be focusing on natural and organic supplements, since we think this is important to parents.  Yell at us if you disagree or think we are not being objective.

Moms and Dads, We Absolutely, Positively, 100% Guarantee That You Will…

Not lose weight by reading this post!    Are there any magic pills out there?  Seems highly unlikely.  Are there natural ingredients that can help parents lose a few pounds when combined with diet and exercise?  We sure hope so!   We can’t make any guarantees on what we will find, but we do promise to do our best to make you into an expert supplements fisherman!

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UPDATED! Read Our Full Review of African Mango – Separating Fact from Fiction

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