Review: Razor Flash Rider 360, Spins Plus Sparks Equal FUN!

Flash Rider 360

Flash Rider 360

Let me tell you what my years of being a Dad have taught me when it comes to what kids like –

  • Kids like scooters and anything that goes
  • Kids like spinning, if the spinning might make them sick…even more to like
  • Kids love fireworks, glow sticks, sparks – pretty much anything bright and shiny

We have reviewed numerous toys that fall into one of the above categories. On occasion we find a toy that actually hits 2 out of the 3 categories. Today, we go for the kid fun trifecta with a toy that promises to hit all 3 fun points – the Razor FlashRider 360!

The Flash Rider 360, Part Big Wheel, Part Trike, Part Stunt Scooter – All Fun

At first glance the Razor Flash Rider 360 looks like a Big Wheel. Who doesn’t love a Big Wheel, so that is cool, but a closer look at the back wheels shows this is no Big Wheel. No, the FlashRider has back casters that spin 360 degrees, so this was starting to look more like the Rip Rider 360 by Razor. But wait, what is that weird block of material that slams into the ground when you pull the lever? This is something we had to test out…

Please Watch Our Video Review of the Razor Flash Rider 360 In Action -

Wow, The Razor FlashRider 360 Is Just Flat Out Fun!

Since we do product reviews, with a strong focus on toy reviews, our kid testers are a bit spoiled. They have tried endless scooters and trikes, and since they are kids, they don’t hide their emotions. If a toy looks cool, but is not fun to play with, they let us know. Our experience with the testing of the FlashRider 360 was the exact opposite. Our testers (boys and girls ages 6-10) were begging to ride the FlashRider. Long after we finished shooting the video, the kids continued to ride, spin and of course shower the driveway with sparks.

The FlashRider Takes Some Getting Used To, Then It Is All Out Crazy Spinning, Sparking Action

When the kids first got on the FlashRider 360 they were very cautious. The feeling of your back wheels just spinning and shifting was a little odd. After about 5 minutes of riding, they got comfortable and started doing spins and tricks as shown in the video. I should point out, all the footage in the video was from kids who were using the FlashRider 360 for the first time. Since that video was shot, the kids have been coming up with more moves and having even more fun.

Parents Rejoice, Only 20 Minutes to Assemble the FlashRider 360

I have put together some bikes and scooters that nearly got the better of me. Let’s just say if murdering a scooter was against the law, I would be writing this article from death row. Thankfully the FlashRider 360 was simple to assemble. The tools you need are all included and there is really not that much to assemble. In total, setup time was about 20 minutes.

In terms of features, here is the breakdown on the FlashRider 360 –

  • Revolutionary design and the ultimate spinning, drifting and sparking thrills
  • Spark Bar with replaceable Spark cartridge for real sparking action ($10 for 2 additional spark cartridges)
  • Rear, dual-inclined caster wheels for resistance-free drifting and spinning action – 360 degrees
  • Flat Free Tires
  • Rugged, all-steel frame and double crown fork
  • MX-style handlebars with rubber grips
  • Ages 6 and Up
  • Maximum Weight Of Rider – 160 pounds

Yes, Sparks Do Make Riding a Trike Much More Fun

The Flash Rider 360 is really just the Rid Rider 360 with the addition of a spark bar. Some would ask if a spark bar really makes that much of a difference, to which the kids would say YES! I am not sure why, but they loved slamming the lever down and watching sparks fly. The effect is even better at night. As a parent, a spark bar seems like a gimmick, but after watching the kids use it, I have to admit it did increase their fun on the trike.

Conclusion: Razor FlashRider 360 Is Spinning, Sparking, Drifting Fun

If you are looking for a good summer toy to get the kids playing outside, the Razor Flash Rider 360 is a fantastic choice. As a bonus, the Flash Rider is one of those toys that both boys and girls will love and kids can determine how aggressive they want to be with their spins, drifts and stunts. This summer, let the sparks fly, the wheels spins and the smiles wash over the kids’ faces.

More Information:

Purchase the Razor Flash Rider 360 At Amazon.Com For About $98

Read More At Razor About the FlashRider 360 ($130 retail)

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