Hands On Review: Vapor Delta 500 Blaster, Prepare For the Gel Ball Invasion

Vapor Delta 500 Blaster

As we move toward summer, time to start thinking about ways of getting the kids outside.  Moms and Dads probably have visions of the kids hiking, camping and going on long nature walks.   Kids will love that…as long as you let them bring their Vapor Delta 500 Blaster so they can shoot their friends with vapor gel ammo from 80 feet away.   Isn’t nature just so peaceful?

No, The Vapor Delta 500 by Razor is Not a Scooter

Mention Razor and the first thing that comes to mind are scooters.  Well, this is 2012 and the world is a changing.  Razor now makes a line of Gel Ammo blaster guns called Vapor.  Brand new for Summer 2012 is the Vapor Delta 500 and we recently got the opportunity to do some hands-on blasting with this new gun.

Let’s watch our video review of the Vapor Delta 500 In Action -

Who Knew Shooting Your Kids Could Be So Much Fun

First things first, I am sure if my eyes were good enough to read the small print on the manual it would have said firing at your kids is a no- no.  Technically, the Vapor Delta 500 should only be used to shoot at targets.  So, follow the rules everybody, but just in case you do accidentally mistake your friends for targets, we can report that the gel balls do not hurt, but you should definitely wear goggles and avoid shooting your friend target in the face.

As the video showed, the Delta 500 is very simple to use.  Load up the Vapor Gel Ammo (it can hold 100 balls), cock it and pull the trigger to fire.  Here are the features of the Vapor Delta 500 by Razor –

  • Rifle-like action with removable stock
  • Long-range firing, up to 80 feet
  • Blasts 100 rounds of ammo with less frequent reloading (compared to foam dart blasters)
  • 500 pieces of non-toxic, ready-to-go Vapor Gel Ammo included
  • Vapor Gel Ammo refill packs available (500 rounds for $5.99)

How Is The Vapor Line Different Than The Xploderz Line of Blasters?

In the past, we have reviewed the Xploderz line of gel ball blasters.  Due to the similar ammo both the Vapor and Xploderz use, it is worth examining the similarities and differences between these two products.   Both blasters follow the same basic concept, single use gel balls that can be fired further than foam darts.  There are a few key differences.

The Xploderz line from 2011 do not have a trigger.  You click a lever to individually load each gel ball and then just pull back and release to shoot.  In addition, Xploderz ammo can come in dehydrated form, so you need to grow it in water for a few hours.

The Vapor line does feature a trigger and you do not need to click a level to load each gel ball.  Vapor ammo only comes fully grown, so you just pour it in the chamber, cock and pull the trigger to fire.  Overall, the addition of the trigger and a chamber that holds 100 gel balls does make the Vapor series better for fast paced action and rapid fire shooting.  The Xploderz line does feature more guns and has some larger weapons which have a longer range (100 feet).

The Vapor Delta 500 Is a Fast, Accurate and Fun Blaster

As much as we enjoyed the Xploderz blasters last year, the need to constantly click a lever to load each gel ball made the blasters more useful for slow paced target practice as opposed to fast action wars.  The Vapor Delta 500 eliminates the single ball load issue and it was a blast to battle with.

As the video showed, we could run around, and have a full battle with rapid firing and infrequent breaks to reload.  There are occasional problems – sometimes multiple balls fire at once and other times the gel balls break as soon as they come out of the blaster.  This seems to be a negative to any gel ball based blaster.  In addition, we did occasionally have a jam, but it was quickly cleared up.   Overall, playing with the Vapor Delta 500 (and the smaller Vapor Atlas 250) was a fun experience that all the kids (and the Dads) greatly enjoyed.

Pros of the Vapor Delta 500 Blaster by Razor

  • Holds 100 Rounds of Ammo
  • Fires Up to 80 Feet
  • Good Accuracy and Real Trigger Action
  • No Bullets to Find and Retrieve
  • Fun Outdoor Toy That Will Keep Kids Playing Outside

Cons of the Vapor Delta 500 Blaster by Razor

  • Ammo Goes Quickly (500 rounds of replacement ammo is $5.99)
  • Occasional Misfires and Jams Can Occur With Vapor Gel Ammo
  • Unlike Dart Based Blaster, Can Not Be Used Inside

Conclusion: Prepare to Add Gel Balls To Your Weekly Shopping List

The Vapor Delta 500 Blaster is the perfect outdoor toy for kids who have outgrown Nerf guns but are not ready for paintball guns.  The Delta 500 is easy to operate, accurate and a fun weapon to take into your outdoor battles.   The major downside for parents is that the gel ammo tends to go quickly, so be prepared for the constant begging to pickup more Vapor Gel Ammo on your way home from work.  The good news is, if they are out of ammo, at least they will not be able to shoot you if you forget!

More Information:

The Vapor Delta 500 Blaster By Razor is For Ages 14+ and Retails for $24.99

Purchase the Vapor Delta 500 Blaster at Amazon.Com

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