More Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas, Because 13 Is An Unlucky Number

Unlucky 13

Unlucky 13

For the last week, I have been having trouble sleeping – something has not been right.  I couldn’t figure it out, since it was a great week for Dad Does.  Our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012 has been well received.  Readers seem to appreciate the fun and unique Father’s Day gift ideas in the guide.  We also launched our huge Father’s Day Gift Giveaway – over $1,100 in prizes and a guarantee that everyone will at least win a $10 gift card.  So, what was eating at my soul and keeping me up at night?

Damn You Unlucky 13!

Then it hit me – I looked at that list of prizes in the Father’s Day Giveaway and was shocked – WE HAD 13 PRIZES!  13???  Was our superstition fact checker sleeping on the job that day?  How can we make Dads happy when we are giving away an unlucky amount of prizes.  Something had to be done about 13agate, this was developing into a major scandal and the fate of all humanity clearly was in my hands…

As Always, Leave it To Clint Eastwood (and friends) to Save the Day

We needed a 14th prize to giveaway, but it still had to be a cool prize that Dads would love.  Is there anyone cooler than Clint Eastwood? Or Tommy Lee Jones?  Perhaps Wesley Snipes?  More into Mel Gibson?  What about Kevin Costner?  Doesn’t matter who you think is the coolest – we are giving them all to you!

Yes, our friends over at Warner Brothers have come to rescue us from the unlucky 13 and have created a very lucky and awesome 14th Prize in our Father’s Day Giveaway

Win This Awesome Warner Brothers Blu-Ray Collection -

  • Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows ($30 Retail)
  • A Perfect World ($19 Retail)
  • Blood Work ($19 Retail)
  • Lethal Weapon Collection ($60 Retail)
  • Journey 2 To The Mysterious Island ($30 Retail)
  • U.S. Marshals ($19 Retail)

That is over $175 in great movies that any Dad will love.

Sherlock Holmes

A Perfect World

Blood Work

Lethal Weapon Collection


US Marshals

All Dads Like A Good Movie

We have some more wacky gift ideas in our Father’s Day Gift Guide, but I have yet to meet a Dad who does not enjoy a good movie.  With this vast collection from Warner Brothers, Dad can take some time this summer and get away from watching Barney, Bert and Elmo and instead cheer on Clint, Costner and Snipes!

How Do You Win This Father’s Day Blu-Ray Gift Bundle?

Just jump on over to our Father’s Day Gift Giveaway and enter on that post (giveaway ends on 6/7/12).  By entering the giveaway you will not only have a chance to win this Blu-Ray bundle, but you can also win 13 other awesome prizes.  Oh no, there is that number 13 again…maybe we need to find a 15th prize to giveaway now!

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Purchase the Movies At WBShop  – Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows, A Perfect World, Blood Work, Lethal Weapon Collection, Journey 2 To The Mysterious Island and U.S. Marshals

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