MyPix2Canvas, The Name is All Logic but the Product is Pure Emotion


MyPix2Canvas may be the most literal and logically named product we have reviewed.  Do we really need to tell you what it is?  Okay, you upload your pictures and they put it on canvas.   Very straight forward and logically, but once you see your family photos on a beautiful piece of canvas stretched around a wood frame, you will be shocked at how such a literally named product can convey such powerful emotions.

Testing Out the MyPix2Canvas Service

When looking at Mother’s Day Gift ideas we did a quick write up of MyPix2Canvas.  At that point we had not had a chance to try out the service.  With Father’s Day fast approaching we decided it was time to turn one of our photos into canvas and see how the MyPix2Canvas service worked and more importantly, the quality of the final product.

Here is our quick video review of MyPix2Canvas…

Simple To Do, Stunning Results

Printing sure has come a long way.  It is amazing the options we now have to get our photos printed on different materials at a reasonable price.  When the MyPix2Canvas package arrived we were amazed at the quality and clarity.  The canvas looks beautiful and it is incredibly simple to create.  You choose a size and edge treatment, upload your photo and enter payment information – very quick and easy.

In terms of the process to create your canvas – your digital photo is printed on museum-grade canvas and sealed with a protective coating.  The print is then wrapped on high-quality, kiln-dried fir stretcher bars following the best practices for gallery-wrapped canvas prints.

MyPix2Canvas Is Not Just Run By Robots!

In creating our project we selected a “mirror wrap” for the canvas.  I must admit, we really didn’t read the choices carefully, just thought mirror wrap sounded cool.  A day after we ordered we got a personal email from support at MyPix2Canvas saying that given our photo, a mirror wrap would look odd (think people with two foreheads) and that a black wrap would look great.  We replied back, confirming the black wrap did indeed make more sense and they processed the order.  It is nice to know that they have some checks in place before running an order that may not come out the way you want.

Conclusion:  Yes, Your Kids Should be Turned in a Canvas Piece of Art

Get a MyPix2Canvas of your kids and it will confirm your long held belief…yes, you do have the world’s cutest kids.  MyPix2Canvas is easy to create and the results are stunning.  If you are looking for a great personalized gift, MyPix2Canvas is an excellent choice.

More Information:

Visit MyPix2Canvas to Learn More.  Prices start at $32.

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