Review: Aluminyze, Proof That Aluminum Can Be Filled With Emotion



I am not a betting man, but I would still bet my neighbor’s house that if I asked you to tell me what you think of when I say “aluminum”, the word emotional would not be uttered.  Aluminum tends to conjure images of beer cans and baseball bats, but that may all change once you have seen Aluminyze.

Aluminyze Lets Your Photos Shine, In Aluminum

Aluminyze is a new service that will print any photo that you upload onto a sheet of aluminum.  I know, this sounds like a very strange idea.  How good could a photo of your kids really look on aluminum? The answer – strikingly great! Let’s take a quick look at our video review of Aluminyze…

Who Knew Aluminum Could be So Expressive?

It may have been hard to pick up in the video, but Alumninyze photos have great clarity and tend to feel life like.  Yes, it does seem very odd that aluminum could make something feel life like, but somehow that is the effect.  It may also have to do with the frameless design of Aluminyze – there is nothing to distract your eye, just edge to edge memories captured in time.

Turning Your Kids into Metal Requires No Super Powers

I really thought the process of turning my kids into metal would require years of training at the top Superhero academy, but it is actually very simple with Aluminyze.  The website is easy to use, you upload a photo and then pick a few options.  You can pick from a few different sized standard rectangular shapes or go with heavy emotion and get the heart shape.  Next you just select the type of fixture you want on the back of your picture.

Once you have the shape and type of mount picked out you get to make a few selections that effect how your photos will look.  You can go with a silver surface or white surface.  The site does an excellent job of explaining the difference between the two surfaces.  Finally you can pick a glossy or matte finish.  All in all, a very simple process.

Conclusion:  Aluminyze, A Very Cool Way to Show The World You Have the Cutest Kids

In case it is not clear, we really love the Aluminyze product and believe it would make a perfect gift for any Mom or Dad.  Parents are always looking for ways to get their digital photos off the computer and in some format that can be shared in the real world.  Aluminyze looks great, is lightweight and very durable.  As a lazy parent, I love that no frame is needed, the mount on the back of the Aluminyze allows you to stand the photo up or hang it on a wall.   Prices vary based on size and shape, with a 8″x10″ starting at $34.95.  All in all, a low price to pay to be able to brag about how you turned your kids into Aluminum.

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