The Great Father’s Day Gift Giveaway – June 7th, 2012 at 2pm EST

by nessel on May 23, 2012

Father's day 2012 Gift Giveaway

What is better than getting Dad a great gift for Father’s Day?

Getting Dad a Great Gift for Free!

I am so excited that my kids just told me they were taking away my sugar privileges for the next 3 days.  Father’s Day, clearly the greatest holiday ever invented is quickly approaching and this year will be be the best Father’s Day ever!

Dad Blog Declares War on Boring Father’s Day Gifts

As a Dad Blog, we have certain powers bestowed on us by the US Constitution (don’t try to find it, as a security measure we had all mentions of our powers removed from all copies of the Constitution). One of those powers is the right to declare war on boring Father’s Day Gifts.

We invoked this power by issuing two doctrines – our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012 and our Still More Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2012. The guides are a great start to our assault on boring Dad’s Day gifts – but we knew this war would not be won without….free stuff!

The Great Father’s Day Gift Giveaway 2012

Want to hear something bizarre?  The companies offering the gifts in our guide tend to want you to exchange your hard earned money for their gifts. How outrageous! This is war, sacrifice must be made. We are happy to announce that after marathon sessions of negotiations, we managed to convince a number of the companies to join the cause and giveaway their super cool gifts.

On June 7th , 2012 – 2pm EST – We Start Giving Away Fun Gifts For Father’s Day!

At the bottom of this post we have the simple instructions on how you enter to win the over $1,300 in cool gifts, but first let’s look at which Father’s Day gifts we are giving away…

#1. The Manly Gift That is As Fun to Give As It Is To Get

Man Crates

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get One Man Crate ($85 Value)

Man Crates

There is just something about giving Dad his Father’s Day gift…and then handing him a crowbar to open it! Yes, Man Crates are actually sealed wooden crates, stuffed with things Dad will love like beer, snacks, video games or beef jerky…if he can ever get it opened! Luckily, a crowbar is included. This ain’t Mother’s Day anymore – no bows, ribbons or wrapping paper on Father’s Day!

Full Review (and video) of Man Crates – The Gift Basket for Men

#2. Perfect Gift For Music Loving, Baseball Addicted Dad

BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get Their Choice of BiGR Audio MLB Headphones ($199 Value)

BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

The best Father’s Day gifts are ones that are personalized to Dad’s interest and tastes. Let’s say Dad is a die hard Yankees fan, but also a lover of music and high fidelity. Do you go with a nice Yankees shirt or a high quality pair of headphones? Why choose? With the BiGR Audio MLB Headphones series you can pick from 30 different Major League Baseball team branded headphones. The headphones look fantastic, come in a Bambo collectors box, but most important of all – the headphones that have incredible sound quality.

Full Review (and video) of the BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

#3. Perfect Gift For Music Loving, Martial Arts Addicted Dad

BiGR Audio Bruce Lee Headphones

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get BiGR Audio Bruce Lee Headphones ($139 Value)

Bruce Lee BiGR Headphones

Is Dad more into Martial Arts than Baseball?  No problem, we got him covered!  The BiGR Audio Bruce Lee Headphones will be a huge hit with any Dad who loves the total awesomeness of Bruce Lee!

Read More About the BiGR Audio Brue Lee Headphones

#4. Perfect Gift For The Music Scene, Music Loving Dad

BiGR Audio Rolling Stone Headphones

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Get The BiGR Audio Rolling Stone Headphones ($139 Value)

Rolling Stone Headphones BiGR

Perhaps Dad is more of a music purest.  He doesn’t like mixing his love of music with baseball or martial arts.  He believes in the music and the message of the music man!  For this rocking Dad, you need to go with the Rolling Stone Headphones from BiGR Audio.

Read More about the BiGR Audio Rolling Stone Headphones

#5. Perfect Gift to Keep Dad on His Diet

Rockboard Scooter

What We Are Giving Away? One Winner Will Receive a Rockboard Scooter ($199 Value)

Rockboard Scooter

We told you this Father’s Day Gift guide was going to be different – and this one proves it! The Rockboard Scooter is an awesomely fun scooter for kids. Instead of kicking to go, you keep both feet on the board and just rock back and forth to propel you forward at up to 10 MPH.
So, what is a kid’s scooter doing on this Father’s Day list? The scooter will hold riders up to 200 pounds, and with its adjustable handle bar, Dads will have no problem riding this scooter and having a blast. Father’s Day should be about fun and this is fun. Once Dad enjoys riding the Rockboard around, he will think twice about going off his diet and passing the 200 pound mark. Bonus, riding the Rockboard is great exercise so Dad will stay in shape as he has fun scooting like a kid again. See, you just need to think outside the box a little!

Full Review (and video) of the Rockboard Scooter

#6. Top Gift For The Dad That Loves Gadgets, But Hates Wires

iDAPT i4 Universal Charger

What We Are Giving Away? 1 Winner Will Receive The iDAPT i4 Universal Charger ($59 Value)

iDAPT i4
Dads tend to like gadgets. iPhones, GPS, digital cameras, Android tablets, music players – the more the merrier when it comes to these beautifully designed pieces of technology. However, there is an ugly dark side to all these cool gadgets – the ungodly mess of charging adapters and cables that come with each new gadget.

This Father’s Day help Dad (and the rest of the family) kill the beast of wires with the iDAPT i4 Universal Charger. Simultaneous charge 4 different devices and lose all the ugly wires. Interchangeable tips mean the iDAPT works with over 4,000 gadgets. We know, how fun can a charger be? Well, keeping all Dad’s nifty gadgets juiced up will let Dad have tons of fun!

Full Review (and video) of the iDAPT i4 Universal Charger

#7. Perfect Gift For the Fun Loving NASCAR Dad

Air Hogs R/C NASCAR Replica Car

What We Are Giving Away – One Winner Will Get The Air Hogs R/C NASCAR Car and Spin Master NASCAR Diecast Collectible Cars ($50 Value)

Air Hogs NASCAR Replica Cars

Does Dad put on his driving gloves, strap on his sporty driving sunglasses and then hop behind the wheel of the minivan and start to sob? Clearly Dad is suffering from a severe case of race car driver envy. Make Dad happy this Father’s Day by giving him the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR replica toy. Yes, yes it is a toy made for kids – but who cares, Dad wants to have fun and live out his dream of being a NASCAR driver. Spin Master also is giving away a number of other collectible NASCAR cars, so if Dad is a fan of NASCAR, make it a NASCAR rich Father’s Day!

Product Review (and video) of the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR replica car

#8. The Ultimate Gift To End Family Fights When On Vacation

Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand

What We Are Giving Away – One Winner Will Get The Hub Innovations Large PRIZM Stand ($35 Value)

Prizm stand

You plan the ultimate family vacation, a small hotel room but with endless white sand beach to frolic on until the sun goes down…and then the rain hits. Suddenly you are living the parenting nightmare, trapped in a small room with limited entertainment options. Sure the iPad is loaded up with some movies, but of course the kids will fight over who gets to hold the iPad and get the “best” view.

Enter the Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand. The PRIZM is so light and thin it will takes up just barely more room in your suitecase than a piece of paper and that is why you will ACTUALLY bring this iPad stand with you. Snap it together in seconds, place the iPad in it and suddenly peace is restored…until the battery dies on the iPad.

Full Review (and video) of Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand

#9. Best Place To Get Dad a Gift Card Without Being Labeled a Lazy Bastard – Part 1

Owen & Fred

What We Are Giving Away – One Winner Gets One a $50 Gift Card o Owen & Fred

Owen and Fred Gifts for Men

Let’s be honest, normally when you get Dad a gift card to some major retail store it means you were just too lazy to find him an awesome father’s day gift and took the easy way out. Well, not all gift cards are created equal. Get Dad a gift card to a super cool store that specializes in awesome Manly gifts and suddenly you go from lazy bastard to thoughtful super shopper.

Owen & Fred is a manly online store that specializes in hand crafted, small batch, made in America products. We tested out a very cool wooden iPhone case, a beautiful wooden pen and a lovely smelling white pine shave jelly – all would make great Father’s Day gifts. Use the $50 Gift Card to get Dad something great, or just give him the gift card and let him pick the perfect manly gift!

Full Product Review (and video) of Owen & Fred

#10. Best Place To Get Dad a Gift Card Without Being Labeled a Lazy Bastard – Part 2


What We Are Giving Away – One Winner Will Get a $50 Gift Card to UncommonGoods

Uncommon Goods or Uncommongoods

How can you not love an online store that sells a complete craft beer making kit? UncommonGoods is an online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. The buyers at UncommonGoods search the world for uncommon products that they can offer to all online. Throw in the great Father’s day Gift Guide they have on the site and you have an awesome place to find a fun, uncommon gift for Dad. Use the $50 Gift Card to buy Dad something he would never think to buy himself – like the bottle opener made from a bat used in a MLB game!

Full Product Review (and video) of UncommonGoods

#11. Best Gadget To Keep Traveling Dads Well Connected – No Clouds Needed!


What We Are Giving Away – 1 Winner Will Get an iTwin ($99 Value)


Everyone is talking about the cloud – but who knows what really goes on with your precious files in the cloud? Just say no to the cloud and yes to the iTwin! The iTwin is a ‘limitless’ USB device that enables Dads to simply & safely access, edit & share files & media between any two computers anywhere in the world without the security and privacy risks of the cloud. It is like two USB drives that automagically connect with each other, even when thousands of mile apart.

More Information on the iTwin

#12. Top Gift For the Dad Who Believes iPhones Should Be Used for Flying Not Phoning

Griffin Helo TC

What We Are Giving Away – 1 Winner Will Get a Griffin Helo TC iPhone Controlled Remote Helicopter ($50 Value)

Griffin Helo TC

I think the Federal Department of Dad Giveaways would shut us down if we did not have a remote controlled helicopter in this giveaway.  There is something about Dads and R/C helicopters – we are completely addicted to them.  The Griffin Helo TC takes things a step further by allowing Dad to use his iPhone to fly a cool helicopter around.   If you win this one, better put the good China away now, Dad is going to be a flying maniac!

Visit the Griffin Helo TC Site to Learn More

#13. Ultimate Gift For the Timeline Loving History Buff Dad


What We Are Giving Away – 1 Winner Will Get a HistioGraph ($30 Value)

The HistioGraph

Stereotypes just never hold up for everyone. Not all Dads want to spend Sundays watching football and drinking beer. There are Dads out there who get more of a kick out of debating who was the best Emperor as opposed to who was the best quarterback.

If Dad loves History, he will have a blast with the HistioGraph. The HistioGraph is a world history timeline chart that depicts the rise and fall of nations, peoples and cultures from 1500 BCE to the present day. Just be warned, if you win the HistioGraph for Dad, he will become a non-stop history trivia asking machine.

Full Product Review (and video) of the HistioGraph

#14. The Best Antidote To Excessive Barney, Bert and Elmo

Warner Brothers Manly Blu-Ray Movie Bundle
What We Are Giving Away – 1 Winner Will Receive 6 Blu-Ray Movie Collections from Warner Brothers ($175 Value)

Warner Brothers Gift Pack

It is not just you. Watching too much Barney, Elmo and Bert can drive any Dad nearly insane. What you need this Father’s Day is a healthy dose of Clint, Costner and Snipes! Yes, one lucky reader will win the following Blu-Ray Bundle from Warner BrothersSherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows, A Perfect World, Blood Work, Lethal Weapon Collection, Journey 2 To The Mysterious Island and U.S. Marshals.

In total over $175 of classic action packed entertainment that any Dad is sure to love. Now if they would just make a Clint Eastwood vs Barney movie…

Full Product Review of the Warner Brothers Blu-Ray Gift Bundle

That is over $1,300 in gifts given out to 14 Lucky Winners on 6/7/12 at 2pm EST. In addition, we are working on adding more gifts to the giveaway! Oh, read on to hear how nobody loses in this contest.

Our Incredible Everyone Wins Guarantee!

Giving away 14 great Father’s Day gifts is nice, but with hundreds of people entering, we just couldn’t sleep at night knowing many would not win.  Well, you are all winners now! We called in some favors with Perfect Supplements – an awesome site that sells all natural, organic whole food supplements that will have Dad feeling like a kid again.  Every single person who enters will get a $10 Gift Card to Perfect Supplements. Yep, you read that right – every person who enters this giveaway wins at least a $10 Gift Card to Perfect Supplements.

Do I Have to Give Up My First Born to Enter?

Not only do you not need to give up your first born to enter, you can even keep your 2nd and 3rd born as well! We tried to make this as easy as possible, so here is the 3 Step Process…

Step 1 – Join Us (Mandatory)

If you clicked that nice little Join Us button in the past – you’ve already got a ticket in the Father’s Day Lotto! Any member of Dad Does is automatically entered into any giveaway we do. Not a member yet? No problem, all you have to do is Join Us – requires just your email, 100% free and takes about 6 seconds. So, just Join Us once and you are automatically entered in any giveaway we ever do – simple – right?

Step 2 – Leave a Comment Below And Increase Your Odds of Winning by 10x (Optional)

If you are reading this post, you deserve a better chance to win. So, just leave a comment below – say anything you like, and we will give you 10 additional entries into the giveaway.

Step 3 – Complete You Entry Using The RaffleCopter App

To help us randomly pick the winners and keep track of the entries we are using a cool little app called Raffle Copter.  Once you have Joined Dad Does and left a comment on this post, just complete your entry by using this RaffleCopter app -

a Rafflecopter giveaway
It is very important you record your entries in the above app, as it is how we will notify winners.  Within 72 hours of entering the contest, you will be emailed your Gift Card to Perfect Supplements.

If You Are Winner, Respond to Our Email by 6pm EST on 6/8/12

We want to make sure winners can get their gifts by Father’s Day, so we will email all winners by 2:15pm EST, 6/7/12. You need to respond to our email, saying you want the gift and where to ship it, by 3pm EST on 6/8/12.

Sorry, we can not accept requests for certain gifts.  We will randomly pick winners for each gift.

To recap, you Join Us, that gets you 1 entry. Already a member? You already have your first entry. If you want, leave a comment below, that gets you 10 more entries (giving 11 entries as the maximum anyone can get).  Record your entries using the RaffleCopter app on this page.  If yow win, tell us where to ship it. Pretty darn easy, no?

We will randomly pick winners on Thursday June 7th, 2012.

Let’s Say Thanks To The Sponsors For Not Making You Jump Through Hoops!

In most contests, the companies giving away prizes make you follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook, name your next child after them and on and on. A huge Thank You to all the companies in this giveaway for not making you jump through these hoops. We firmly believe the companies behind the gifts here are fun and interesting companies, that care about the Mom and Dad community. Below are the links to the company pages for the gifts in this giveaway, definitely worth checking out because they are fun, offer some great coupons and deals and have good information for Dads and Moms…

#1. Man Crates

#2, #3 and #4 – BiGR Audio

#5. Rockboard Scooter

#6. iDAPT i4 Universal Charger

#7. Air Hogs NASCAR R/C Car

#8. Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand

#9. Owen & Fred

#10. UncommonGoods

#11. iTwin

#12. Griffin HELO TC

#13. HistioGraph

#14. Warner Bros.

Take a look at all the above companies, if you want – Like and Follow them – not required, but they all do provide some nice updates, coupons and information to their followers.

Let The Fun Begin!

Join Us – takes about 6 seconds and gets you an entry in this contest and all other contests we ever do. If you want to increase your odds, just leave one comment below – that gets you 10 more entries (maximum of 11 entries per person). Or don’t – maybe you like a challenge and want to win with just one entry – cool, I like your style, if you win I am taking you to Vegas with me!

Leave A Comment Below and Check Back Often, More Giveaways Are Coming!

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    Great stuff!   Though, My hubby is Navy and a GeoBachelor so Im not sure what to get him that will fit in his rack on the boat.

    Everything else of his will just sit at home waiting for the days he will be home for good (retired).

  • Jo Tee

    Great prizes! Thanks a ton!

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    Wow!  What an awesome giveaway!  Every one of the prizes is great.  Thanks for taking the time to put this giveaway together and for the added bonus of a guaranteed gift card.  You are going to make a lot of Dads very happy this year.  ~Pauline (

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    Uncommon Goods rocks! They have some hilarious gifts.

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  • The JackB

    You guys have really gone above and beyond this time.

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  • Catherine

    These are great prizes!  Thanks for the chance!

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    It’s the second-best reason to be a Dad!  ;-)

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    abfantom at yahoo dot com

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  • carol roberts

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    You have the best giveaways! I will still be buying hubby new undies… I try to be practical. Hopefully I can win him something fun to go with them from you! 

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    anger_family @yahoo dot com

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    good luck to everyone

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  • Eva Mitton Urban

    Eva U

    Well you said to be candid. I have a Big Man/Little Man (8 yrs old) all of these boy toys are awesome – NOISY ! Will have to watch carefully so I am not run over by remote cars. I am really partial (fond) of  the “HEADPHONES” great brand, bet than can really mask the commotion. lol. 

    eva urban

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    I think that they are all awesome. I would love winning any of them. The air hogs NASCAR R/C would be great for my hubby.

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    now this would be awesome for my dad! especially since i have to mail his gift since i moved so far away 10 yrs ago!  would be nice if you included airfare or bus tix to go see dad too but this is awesome even if i couldnt be there to give it personally!

  • Dealsfairy

    That Man Crate idea is brilliant. Anything filled with meat that you have to open with a crowbar would be a hit around my house.

  • Yogisol

    More things need to be centered around dads. My husband is a stay at home dad (domestic technician) who is the greatest. He needs to be recognized and applauded for his patience and hard work. He has the hardest but most rewarding job ever. He taught our oldest son to read and is starting with our youngest, what an awesome feeling to hear your child read and know that his daddy taught them how. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for recognizing the back bones of the home, the daddies.

  • Lantana H.

    I would love to win this.  The man crate is awesome!

  • Sterlingdreams925

    WOW! What an amazing giveaway! Good luck to everyone entered!!  Thanks!


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    jdmimi at gmail dot com

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  • Mintab

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    I like these prizes escpecially the uncommon goods gc.  I ordered some pecans from this recently and they were so good. Wonderful company

  • E.

    Cool giveaway! I hope I win one of these gifts for my dad.

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    coriwestphal at msn dot com

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    This list of prizes? I’m gob-smacked, really. I think my husband would be thrilled in his non-verbal way, he might smile even! I think the Histiograph would really get to him.

    The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’ and is connected to this email:

    annazed10 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Rstar80

    You guys Rock!  Thanks for doing this!

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    These prizes are awesome!  I know my dad and husband would love any one of these prizes!  Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 

  • Sandygrace52

    Pick me! Pick me! :) My dad has been through the ringer. He has defeated death a handful of times, and this last episode was a car accident that left him in a coma for 3 months. We were told he would not make it. Then, one morning (and believe it or not, it was Father’s Day morning!) he woke up, and started talking! It was a long recovery, and after everything he went through, he has lost his leg, but is alive and well otherwise! I would love to win something for him, and think that what you are doing is awesome, and so generous!!! Have a WONDERFUL Father’s Day with your family!!!  BTW, the picture below is my handsome son (who lost his father nearly 6 yrs ago) and my sweet Dad. My children let balloons go with letters tied to them for their Dad every Father’s Day :)

  • Joana Arteaga

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    I love my dad…. but he blames me, my sister, and my mother for draining the testosterone out of him :[

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    Wow!  Great prizes!  Can I be a dad? :-)  

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    I love this!  Especially the declaring war on boring!  Very good!
    My hubby/daddy is THE WORLDS BEST and I want him to feel like he is!

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    This is a awesome n well put together giveaway. My fingers r crossed for a gift for my dad! Good luck!
    Candie Anne Ellis

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    they are AMAZING!!!

  • Miranda W

    Well my son always said that being a single mom I made a pretty good dad too. That being said I would have to share some of these great prizes with him. 

  • sarah snyder

    I think this giveaway is awesome. My dad has worked so hard and now that all the kids are out of the house he deserves a good gift.

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    Someday my prize will come……….sing a la Snow White, my apologies

  • John_dk

    Fun stuff. I think you have your basis covered as far as variety. What will I do this year without a new tie though? 

  • Ufg8trj

    What a great giveaway, I was completely out of ideas for fathers day!

  • Valerie Goeringer

    Well I was going to help my kids dye some raw elbow macaroni  to make a bracelet but I guess these ideas are better ;) . And men say women are hard to shop for…. =P

  • Jan Messali

    Amazing prizes… I really like the iTwin!  

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    awesome contest

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    I think it would be great to win any of these prizes!  They are all great and my hubby would love them!

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    My husband is a brand new dad and I would love to give him something really special for his first fathers day!

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    i would like to win

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    Thank you for a blog contest geared towards a guy….I love it!!!!! 

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    HOLY COW, BATMAN! What an AWESOME giveaway offering! Thanks for the chance to win and Good Luck to all in the drawing!

    Everyone have a great Father’s Day!

    leetaylor644 (at) hotmail (dot) com

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    One of the best giveaways I’ve seen yet :)

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    It’s my husband’s first Father’s Day and I’d love to spoil him!

  • Rosemary McCloskey

    “There are Dads out there who get more of a kick out of debating who was
    the best Emperor as opposed to who was the best quarterback.” Yep, that’s my dad alright :]

  • Ciara Villavicencio

    the most awesome giveaway!

  • Jen S

    Any man would be crazy not to love this.

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    I am up Late tonight and found this giveaway! These prizes are awesome wish I knew about it sooner! Thanks for the chance and keeping me up late !

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    dani marie


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    These prizes are awesome! I am getting tears in my eyes just thinking about them!

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    What great gifts, My husband would love to win any of them.  After raising 4 kids of our own and now raising two grandchildren 12 and 18 months, this would be a treat, He is a great Dad

  • Debbie

    I commented to soon.  Love this site and hope I win for my husband.  Thanks for this site.

  • matt pleem

    I dont think a better contest can be found.  So many chances to win.  

  • OceanLady

    Winning this giveaway would be awesome! We have a wedding to go to this month and we just moved, so we have no money to spare… but we have two birthdays and Father’s day coming up. Hopefully I win!

  • Betty Baez

    love all of them especially the mlb headphones hubby would go wild for them!

  • Danielle

    I would love to win.  What a surprise this would be for my hubby!!!

  • Jules A

    These are fantastic prizes!  I would love to win any one of them for my husband.  Thanks for the giveaway!

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    good prizes!

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    I entered this giveaway because the gifts that are listed would be wonderful ones for our family.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome prizes!!

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    I can only hope……It doesn’t matter what I get; Going to the baseball game on Father’s Day with that fam.  GO TIGER’S!!!

  • Rachel E

    This is my fiance’s first Father’s Day. I would love to be able to give him a great gift!

  • terri evans morgan

    these prizes are fantastic!

  • Erica Carnes

    Great prizes!  Uncommon Goods is my favorite.

  • Diana Stanhope

    Awesome, my husband would love this!! Even though I signed up using my email he would also be very interested in reviewing things as well. 

  • Marine Mom42

    I think this is an amazing giveaway. One of the best ive seen.

  • Crg0781

    My fiancé is a full time student and I work part time. He would love to have any of these gifts! Tho he always says hes fine he doesn’t want anything when I ask.. I know he definitely deserves everything. We have four boys and I hope they grow to be a great as him!

  • candace swoveland

    my hubby would like any of these giveaways

  • Leslie luke Stanziani

    My husband just said that he would love any of these great prizes.Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  • Linda Kwolek

    Power Tools, we love power tools.

  • Ryha37

    any of this giveway!!!!!

  • Guest

    My husband would love any of those items (especially since all he’s getting is probably a fancy home-made card from my son (and me).  Personally, I think the iTwin rocks  :)

  • Tim Stephens

    I love this giveaway… it should probably be called dad’s xmas… *crossing fingers*

  • sguzman

    Not much in the bank this year so anything for helps to make the hubby feela luttle more spe ial.

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    Awesome giveaways!!! Glad I found your site

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  • Azrael Robertson

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  • heather abbe

    All of this stuff looks awesome!  I hope I win something for my hubby, it all is great.

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