The Ultimate Fun Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012 – PART 2

Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

You can’t contain a Father’s Day Gift Guide to just one page – it just isn’t possible. Father’s Day is simply too important to have a one part Gift Guide, so we happily move on to Part 2 today.

If You Missed it, Make Sure You Read Part I of the Ultimate Fun Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Guide for 2012!

Onward, to Part 2 of the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012 –

For the Gadget Dad Who Feels That Hearing is Believing

Olympus LS-20M HD Video and PCM Audio Recorder
Olympus LS-20M

Everyone is always talking about HD video – but what about high fidelity audio?  Our kids don’t just look cute they have the voices of angles as well!  The Olympus LS-20M is a Flip style HD Video camera that can also record 24 bit/96 KHz Linear PCM stereo sound – which simply means your audio will sound fantastic.

Get Dad the Olympus LS-20M and his only dilemma will be  deciding if the footage he shoots of little Bobbie singing at the recital should go to The Voice or American Idol.

Full Review (and video) of the Olympus LS-20M HD Video and Audio Recorder

Price: $299

Perfect Gift to Save the Planet….And Daddy!

Griffin SmartTalk Solar Bluetooth Speakerphone

Griffin SmartTalk Solar

Okay, maybe a car speakerphone that is powered by the sun is not enough to save the planet from drowning in CO2, but it is a start.  The Griffin SmartTalk Solar Bluetooth Speakerphone mounts to your car windshield and uses a solar panel to give Dad the power to gab away while driving.

Dad will love a cool new gadget that uses solar power, but you will appreciate that Dad is keeping his eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while driving.  A less distracted Dad is a safer Dad and who wouldn’t want that?  Now if only they made a device that noise canceled the Barney DVD playing on endless loop in the car and blocked the Goldfish that keep bouncing off Dad’s head while he is driving, then you would really have a non-distracted Dadddy!

Full Review (and video) of the Griffin SmartTalk Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

Sells for About $59 .

The Ultimate Gift To End Family Fights While on Vacation

Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand

Prizm stand

You plan the ultimate family vacation, a small hotel room but with endless white sand beach to frolic on until the sun goes down…and then the rain hits.  Suddenly you are living the parenting nightmare, trapped in a small room with limited entertainment options.  Sure the iPad is loaded up with some movies, but of course the kids will fight over who gets to hold the iPad and get the “best” view.

Enter the Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand.  The PRIZM is so light and thin it will takes up just barely more room in your suitecase than a piece of paper and that is why you will ACTUALLY bring this iPad stand with you.  Snap it together in seconds, place the iPad in it and suddenly peace is restored…until the battery dies on the iPad.

Full Review (and video) of Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand

Price: From $25 – $35

Perfect Gift for The Fun Loving NASCAR Dad

Air Hogs R/C NASCAR Replica Car

Air Hogs NASCAR Replica Cars

Does Dad put on his driving gloves, strap on his sporty driving sunglasses and then hop behind the wheel of the minivan and start to sob?  Clearly Dad is suffering from a severe case of race car driver envy.  Make Dad happy this Father’s Day by giving him the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR replica toy.  Yes, yes it is a toy made for kids – but who cares, Dad wants to have fun and live out his dream of being a NASCAR driver.  Spin Master also makes a number of other collectible NASCAR cars, so if Dad is a fan of NASCAR, make it a NASCAR rich Father’s Day!

Product Review (and video) of the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR replica car

Price: Remote Controlled NASCAR car – $30

Ultimate Gift For the Timeline Loving History Buff Dad


The HistioGraph

Stereotypes just never hold up for everyone.  Not all Dads want to spend Sundays watching football and drinking beer.  There are Dads out there who get more of a kick out of debating who was the best Emperor as opposed to who was the best quarterback.

If Dad loves History, he will have a blast with the HistioGraph.  The HistioGraph is a world history timeline chart that depicts the rise and fall of nations, peoples and cultures from 1500 BCE to the present day.  Just be warned, after you get the HistioGraph for Dad, he will become a non-stop history trivia asking machine.

Full Product Review (and video) of the HistioGraph

Price: About $30

Best Place to Get Dad a Gift Card Without Being Labeled a Lazy Bastard

Tie – Owen and Fred and UncommonGoods

Let’s be honest, normally when you get Dad a gift card to some major retail store it means you were just too lazy to find him an awesome father’s day gift and took the easy way out.  Well, not all gift cards are created equal.  Get Dad a gift card to a super cool store that specializes in awesome Manly gifts and suddenly you go from lazy bastard to thoughtful super shopper.   Here are two awesome places to get Dad a thoughtful gift card…

Owen and Fred Gifts for Men

Owen & Fred is a manly online store that specializes in hand crafted, small batch, made in America products.  We tested out a very cool wooden iPhone case, a beautiful wooden pen and a lovely smelling white pine shave jelly – all would make great Father’s Day gifts.  If you need some great Father’s Day gift ideas, check out Owen & Fred and if you can’t pick just one gift, go with a gift card.

Full Product Review (and video) of Owen & Fred

Uncommon Goods or Uncommongoods

How can you not love an online store that sells a complete craft beer making kit?  UncommonGoods is an online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices.  The buyers at UncommonGoods search the world for uncommon products that they can offer to all online.  Throw in the great Father’s day Gift Guide they have on the site and you have an awesome place to find a fun, uncommon gift for Dad.

Full Product Review (and video) of UncommonGoods

Best Gift to Prove That Aluminum Is Good For More than Just Beer and Bats



Mention aluminum to a Dad and he will probably think about beer cans or baseball bats.  It turns out Aluminum actually has another use – making your photos come to life!  Aluminyze is a new service that allows you to print your photos on a sheet of Aluminum.   I know, it sounds like a terrible idea, but in truth the photos of the kids will look incredible on a frameless piece of aluminum.  Aluminyze a photo of the kids and watch Dad cry tears of joy over a piece of aluminum this Father’s Day.

Full Product Review (and video) of Aluminyze

Price: Starts About $35

The Gift That Proves You Do Have The World’s Cutest Kids



How can you claim to have the world’s cutest kids if you don’t have their stunning faces hanging on the wall on a museum quality gallery wrapped canvas? No, if you want to have the world’s cutest kids, someone needs to get you a MyPix2Canvas this Father’s Day. Simply upload a photo of your adorable kids to the site, pick a few options and then sit back and wait for the beautiful stretched canvas artwork to arrive.

Full Product Review (and video) of MyPix2Canvas

Price: Starts About $32

Top Gift To Turn Excuse Dad Into Exercise Dad

Sportline Cardio 660 Heart Rate Monitor

Cardio 660

Dad really wants to exercise, but he has some serious issues. His latest fitness gadget that tracks 500 different vital signs needs a firmware upgrade and the app to upload everything he ate for the last 6 years is not compatible with his new computer. You see, Dad would really love to exercise, but his fitness gadgets are holding him back.

The Sportline Cardio 660 is something revolutionary, a simple piece of technology that actually works to track heart rate and calories burned while you exercise.  No fancy bells and whistles here, no uploading of data or upgrading of firmware, simply an affordable heart rate monitor that works and will finally turn Dad from excuse Dad into exercise Dad.

Full Product Review (and video) of Cardio 660 Heart Rate Monitor

Price: About $60

Best Gift For The Music Loving Dad Who Will Melt Without His iPhone

AirZone Series 1 AirPlay Speaker by Gear4

AirZone Series 1 by Gear4

Poor Dad is conflicted. He would love to dock his iPhone and listen to some tunes out of a quality speaker, but Dad really can’t survive with the iPhone out of his grasp. What if he gets a call? Maybe a new cat playing piano video was just posted on Facebook, how could he miss that? Dad could start going into withdrawal if he doesn’t play Angry Birds this moment!

Fear not, iPhone addicted, music loving Dad – the AirZone Series 1 AirPlay Speaker from Gear4 is here. By using Apple AirPlay you can wirelessly stream music from an iPhone, iPad or iPod directly to the speaker…and your phone never leaves your hand. Great sound quality + super easy streaming technology = Fantastic Father’s Day Gift!

Full Product Review (and video) of AirZone Series 1 AirPlay Speaker

Price: About $250

Stay tuned – many more gift ideas to come between now and 6/17/2012 – Father’s Day!

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