UncommonGoods, Your Uncommon Guide To Father’s Day Gifts for 2012?

Bottle Opener

Uncommon Goods or Uncommongoods

Here at Dad Does we are self proclaimed Commonist.  Nope, that is not a typo – we are prejudice against anything common or ordinary, you know – Commonist.  I know we should be open and accepting of all products, but we just love different and uncommon and tend to bore quickly of common and ordinary products.

As you know, we have been on a quest to find exciting and different gifts for Dad on this Father’s Day.  We are proud of our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012, but we never rest on our laurels.  So, when we were contacted by Uncommon Goods, an online store that offers uncommon goods that they swear Dads will love, we had to take a look.

UncommonGoods Delivers Special Gifts, In Numerous Categories

Here is the quick 411 on UncommonGoods –

“UncommonGoods (www.uncommongoods.com) is an online marketplace offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. At UncommonGoods, we believe that creativity and the expression of individuality represent two great human treasures. We have set out to create a business that makes uncommon goods accessible to everyone.”

As we have declared war on boring Father’s Day gifts, this sounded like an excellent shopping resource for our readers.  We decided to try out Uncommongoods to see if they could deliver on their promise.  Let’s take a quick look at our video review of Uncommon Goods…

Fun and Different Products – Perfect for Father’s Day

We will have to report back in a few weeks to let you know how the Craft-A-Beer project turns out, but we can say we were very pleased with the experience of dealing with Uncommongoods.  The website is easy to use, they even have a whole section on Father’s Day gift ideas, and shipping was fast.

Fire Hose Belt

Bottle Opener

What impressed us most with Uncommongoods was the varied selection of interesting products. Hand made, one of a kind belts made from a fire hose? You don’t see that at the mall!  They even take the practical, like a bottle opener and turn it into a unique and cool gift.  How you ask?  They sell a bottle opener made from a bat used in a Major League Baseball game.  You get a hologram and certificate with the bottle opener telling you exactly what game it was used in.

We Must Warn You – There are Ties At Uncommongoods!

We are completely tie-phobic.    We have declared war against giving boring ties for Father’s Day, so we must warn you that ties are lurking in the Uncommongoods store.  Yes, some are neat concepts like ties made of wood – but they are still ties.  I guess if you must buy a tie for Father’s Day, a wooden tie is better than a boring mall bought tie, but still it is a tie.  Our advice, steer clear of the ties and buy one of the many other cool items at Uncommongoods.

Conclusion: Uncommongoods Will Create Uncommon Fun on Father’s Day

We believe Father’s Day should be all about fun and giving different and even impractical gifts to Dad.  Uncommongoods is a one stop shop for different and fun gifts for Dad.  Avoid the ties and instead go with any of the other unique gifts they stock and you are sure to have an uncommonly fun Father’s Day!

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