HistioGraph, 3,500 Years of Civilizations On One Wicked Long Piece of Paper


The HistioGraph

When did the Roman Empire start and end?  What was going on in the rest of the world when the Americas were discovered?  How come I can’t keep any of my world history straight in my mind?  It is not your fault, over the last 3,500 years numerous countries, cultures and civilizations have come and gone – how can anyone keep track of it all?

Introducing HistioGraph – a Vertical Timeline of Civilization

Okay, history buffs, it is your turn to get excited.  We review tons of gadgets, toys and tools here at Dad Does, but today we go low tech and review a piece of paper…a very long piece of paper.  Wait, don’t order yet, there are words and rivers of information on this piece of paper, they call it HistioGraph.

The HistioGraph is a world history timeline chart that depicts the rise and fall of nations, peoples and cultures from 1500 BCE to the present day. It charts nations in the form of ‘rivers of time’, giving perspective and understanding to how the flow of civilizations have shaped our world.

Let’s Take a Look at Our Video Review of the HistioGraph -

A Whole Lot of Information on One Big Foldable Piece of Paper

Trying to get the rise and fall of all the major civilizations and cultures on a piece of paper is no easy task.  The HistioGraph does a great job of conveying a tremendous amount of information by using the “vertical rivers of time” illustrations.  You can quickly scan a time period on the HistioGraph and get a clear understanding of what was happening all across the globe during that time.

The HistioGraph is The Perfect Present for History Buffs

Some people love sports, and there are countless gifts for sports fans.  While some people like to compare batting averages from their favorite players, others get a thrill out of comparing the longevity of ancient empires.   If you know anyone who loves history, the  HistioGraph is the perfect present.

Folded flat the HistioGraph is not much bigger than a standard A4 piece of paper.  Unfold the HistioGraph and you have a 52″ x 25″ treasure trove of historical information.  The whole “rivers of information” format works well, by eyeballing the width of a river you can immediately tell how influential the civilization was.  Look at the length of the river and you know how long the civilization lasted (hey Romans – you had quite the run).

The HistioGraph


Conclusion:  HistioGraph is a Great Gift For The History Buff in Your Life

Let’s be honest, the HistioGraph is a specialty item.  If you have little interest in world history, you will find very little to like about the HistioGraph.  On the other hand, if you are a history buff, you will find very little not to like about he HistioGraph!

The HistioGraph conveys a tremendous amount of information in a small space and requires no batteries, upgrades, firmware or impossible to find cables.  If you can unfold a piece of paper, you will have no problem operating the HistioGraph :)  The best gifts are ones that appeal to someones interests, so if you know someone who loves history, the HistioGraph is a historic choice for a gift.

More Information:

HistioGraph is $29.95 (including worldwide shipping).  Learn More at The HistioGraph Site

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