Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2012, Courtesy of Owen & Fred, The Store for Men

Owen and Fred Gifts for Men

Owen and Fred Gifts for Men

Here at Dad Does we consider Father’s Day to be bigger than Christmas.  I mean, Christmas is fine for getting some gifts, but it doesn’t have all the religious connections of Father’s Day, the highest holy holiday.   Seriously, we are a little nuts for Father’s Day and obsessed with making sure that all the Dads get fun and cool gifts for Father’s Day.

For 2012, we have launched our guide to the Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2012.  While we continue to expand the Father’s Day gift guide, we realized that some people would love to have a one stop shop for awesome Father’s Day gifts.  Today we look at Owen & Fred, The Online Store for Men.

Owen & Fred, Cool Manly Stuff You Will Not Find In The Mall

We believe that the best Father’s Day gifts are ones that are fun, unique and special.  Owen & Fred is an online store that focuses on finding the most unique and special products for men.  In order to test out Owen & Fred we had them send us 3 manly products to review, let’s take a look at the video review –

Cool Stuff, Simple to Navigate

Owen & Fred is not an overwhelming site – spend a few minutes browsing the site and you are sure to find some great gift ideas for Dad.  Rather than stock every product under the sun, Owen & Fred hand selects a few products that they believe guys will love…

“Owen & Fred are merchants of mostly made-in-the-USA accessories for men. The products we sell are built to last, from some of the best designers in the world. We only feature products that we love, because we think you’ll love them too.”

Nope, We Don’t Have Any Affiliate Deal with Owen & Fred

Stop being so cynical, this is not some ploy to get you to buy wooden pens so we can get rich!  We don’t have any deal with Owen & Fred where we make money if you shop there.  We also did not receive payment for writing this review.  Simply, we are trying to make it as easy as possible to ensure all the guys get some awesome gifts for Father’s Day.

We have declared war on boring Father’s Day gifts and demand that guys just say no to ties!  Owen & Fred did pass our most important test, we searched their site for “tie” and got zero results! Now that is a shop for Men that we can recommend!

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