Air Hogs R/C NASCAR, The Easiest Way to Become a NASCAR Driver

NASCAR Authentics by Spin Master


We all have dreams.  Many kids dream about racing against Dale Earnhardt Jr in a NASCAR race.  Pedal to the medal as you whip through the turns at insane speeds.   In truth becoming a NASCAR driver takes incredible skills and hard work – and of course there is the danger of driving a car at 200 MPH, while trying to pass people.

Air Hogs R/C 1:24th Scale Replica NASCAR Cars,  The Safer Way to Live Your Dream

As a Dad I am all for my kids having dreams of being a NASCAR driver, but for now I will opt for the safety of them being a Remote Controlled (R/C) NASCAR Driver.   Let’s take a quick look at our video review of the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR Replica -

High Speed Fun for NASCAR Fans

As the video shows, the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR cars are simple to operate and fly along at a nice speed.  In terms of technology, these remote controlled cars don’t break new ground – they work in the same way as most of the other R/C cars on the market.  The real selling point to these cars is the NASCAR branding, which is fantastic.

Air Hogs NASCAR Replica Cars

There are currently 4 cars in the NASCAR series to choose from – choose from Dale Earnhardt Jr (Amp Energy or National Guard), Tony Stewart (Office Depot) and Jimmy Johnson’s (Lowe’s) cars.  Of course, they operate on multiple frequencies so you can race against other cars without R/C interference.   Feel free to take the course outside as these cars are indoor/outdoor and have a 30 foot range.

Well Executed 1:24th Replica Cars Will Have Adult NASCAR Fans Wanting to Play

The Air Hogs R/C NASCAR replicas are rated for ages 5+ and clearly marketed as a toy for kids.  That being said, we believe Dads who are NASCAR fans would love these toys! The accurately designed cars will have appeal to the NASCAR collector side of Dad.  The fact that Dad can pick up a remote and suddenly be dreaming he is a NASCAR driver is well worth the $30 these toys cost.

Need More NASCAR? Spin Master Has You Covered!

If you need more than just a R/C Replica NASCAR toy to get your NASCAR fix, Spin Master Toys (the parent company of Air Hogs) has you covered.    Spin Master makes a whole line of NASCAR Authentics.   These include 1:64th scale collectible cars and trailers to transport your cars.  No batteries, no remotes in this series – just good old fashioned pushing and pretending fun!

NASCAR Authentics by Spin Master

Conclusion:  Air Hogs R/C NASCAR Replica Cars Will Have Little and Big Kids Excited

Simply put, if you have a NASCAR fan in your life – young or not so young – they will love the Air Hogs R/C NASCAR series.  The detail on the cars is great, the remote is easy to use and car is fast enough to be fun, but not so fast you can’t control it.  The only real negative is the car and remote use a total of 7 AA batteries – but I guess if you want to drive NASCAR you need some juice!

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