Review: Griffin SmartTalk Solar Bluetooth Speakerphone- Sun and Safety Mixed Together

Griffin SmartTalk Solar

Griffin SmartTalk Solar

As we move toward summer, we tend to think about protecting ourselves from the sun.  Time to start putting on sun screen, wearing beach hats – all in effort to make sure the kids don’t get burned.  Griffen is taking a much more “sun friendly” approach with their release of the SmartTalk Solar BlueTooth Speakerphone for your car.

Turn Your Windshield Into a Power Plant

The Griffin SmartTalk Solar is a very smart idea.  Basically, Griffin has taken a hands-free Bluetooth Speakerphone and slapped some solar panels on the back of it.  Mount the device on your windshield with the included suction cup holder and you can talk away, with your eyes on the road and the sun as your battery.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Griffin SmartTalk Solar in Our Video Review -

One Big Button = Two Big Eyes on the Road

One of the major areas of concern for parents is distracted driving.   Any device that can keep people looking at the road and not at their phones is a winner in our book.  In use, The SmartTalk Solar is very easy to use and does an excellent job of keeping your attention on the road.

After you initially pair the device with your phone, the SmartTalk automatically comes to life when it senses motion in your car and enters standby mode.  A call comes in?  Press the big button.  Want to make a call?  Press the big button and use the voice control dialing feature of your phone.  End a call?  Press the big button.  Redial the last number?  Press the big button…twice.

As you can see, Griffin has made it very simple to use the SmartTalk Solar so your eyes stay on the road and we all stay safer with less distracted driving.

The SmartTalk Solar Understands More Than One Person Can Be In a Car

One of our big frustrations when reviewing bluetooth devices is that they often only pair with one phone.  As parents, we are often in situations where Mom or Dad might need to use the device, but it is paired to the wrong phone.  Thankfully, the SmartTalk Solar has “MultiPoint Pairing” which allows you to have two phones paired with the device at the same time.  Moms and Dads of the world rejoice!

DriveSafe, An Idea Every Parent Can Get Behind

The SmartTalk Solar is part of the Griffin DriveSafe line.  DriveSafe products help you focus on driving by limiting distractions from your mobile devices.  Griffin also has a DriveSafe app to help you know the law when it comes to handsfree devices.  Law or no law, we believe that everyone in every state should keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road and the SmartTalk Solar allows you to do this.

Conclusion:  The SmartTalk Solar Bluetooth HandsFree Speakerphone Gets The Job Done

Our test for a good Bluetooth Speakerphone is that it should have good sound quality, be easy to use and not distract your driving.  The SmartTalk Solar passes this test with flying colors! The solar panels will save you money.  The MultiPoint Pairing  will save you from fighting with your spouse.   Most importantly, the 1 Button Answer and Echo suppressing mic means you will actually use this handsfree speakerphone and that could save a life.

Griffin SmartTalk Solar

More Information:

Visit the Griffin Site to Learn More.  The DriveSafe SmartTalk Solar retails for $69.95

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