Review: Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand, So Simple and So Perfect

Prizm stand

Prizm Stand

This is not going to be a long review.  Normally we spend a great deal of time describing a product, going over its features and how well it works.  Today we are looking at Hub Innovations PRIZM stand – a product so simple, elegant and practical it would be an injustice to over complicate it with a wordy review!

What is the PRIZM Anyway?

Excellent question and one much better answered with a video.  Let’s take a quick look at our video review of the Hub Innovations PRIZM stand -

Does It Really Get More Simple and Practical Than That?

If I had a nickle for every iPad and iPhone stand on the market I would be a less poor man.  Stands for your tablet or phone are not new, but what really impressed us with the Prizm stand is the feather like weight and almost non-existent size.  As the video shows, when you are not using the PRIZM it takes up basically no space.  This makes the stand the perfect thing to throw in your computer bag or suitcase.  When you go on vacation and the kids want to watch something on the iPad, it is great to have a simple and easy stand to setup and use.

Specs?  You Don’t Need No Stinking Specs for the PRIZM!

Here is everything you need to know about the Hub Innovations Prizms Stands –

  • Easy to travel with due to its small compact size, which is no thicker than a pencil
  • Very versatile,  universal stand can hold anything from iPads and tablets, books and notepads to smartphones and MP3 players
  • Available in two sizes – large & small
  • Comes in several anodized colors: green, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow and black as well as premium metals like 14k gold, antique brass, antique copper, antique nickel and carbon fiber
  • Prices Range From $24.95 to $34.95

That’s it – it looks good and it works.

Prizm stand

Conclusion: Hub Innovations PRIZM Stand – Simple, Pretty and Super Functional

The Hub Innovations PRIZM stands (both small and large versions) are functional, elegant and take up almost no room when traveling.  We love products that are well designed, but not over designed and the PRIZM is a poster child for this type of product.  If you are looking for a stand for your phone, tablet or other devices that can’t stand on their own, the Hub Innovations PRIZM is an excellent choice.

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