Mother’s Day, Oh Why Can’t I Mock Thee?

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Man would we love to mock Mother’s Day for so many different reasons. First, this is a dad blog – Dad Does – so it seems only natural that one of the things Dads should do is poke fun at Mother’s Day, while singing the praises of Dads. Second, there is the whole Hallmark and commercialization of Mother’s Day thing to mock. Last I checked I don’t think there was a Saint Mother who was born on this day and we now celebrate. Finally, we have serious issues with being serious about just about anything. So why then is the mocking not pouring out from our fingertips?

Mothers Are Just too Damn Awesome to Mock!

I hate to stereotype. It seems unfair to claim all Mother’s awesome when I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting every Mother. As a man of science, I know that there must be some less than awesome Mothers out there, just as science tells me there must be life somewhere else in the universe. The thing is, as of today I have yet to see any space aliens or non-awesome Moms!

Hallmark Created or Not, Moms Deserve a Special Day

The idea of having one day where we all buy Mom flowers and gifts is not that special to me. I could take or leave the whole commercial aspect of Mother’s Day, but the idea of celebrating all the incredible and thankless things that Moms do every day of the year is spot on.

I could go on for pages with wonderful stories about my incredible Mother. I could probably overload the internet just trying to recap half of the ways that my wife is a wonderful Mom to our boys. Of course, my story is hardly unique. Everyone you talk to has stories of incredible women and Moms in their life – stories of sacrifice and heroic devotion. Buy them flowers or don’t – that part doesn’t really matter – but show them how much you appreciate everything they do, every day.

We Wish Every Mom a Very Happy Mother’s Day

Wow, when we remove mocking and snarkiness from our posts…the posts are much shorter. Seriously, we sincerely hope that all the Moms out there have an incredible day on Sunday. Guys may not be the best at expressing their feeling all the time, but I believe I speak for all the guys when I say – Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being the loving, caring, intelligent and ever patient Mother, every single day of the year.

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