The Ultimate, Odd and Off The Wall Father’s Day Gift Guide is LIVE!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

It’s Alive, Run for Your Life – It Lives!

Yes, mark it on the calendar, with just a mere 40 days until Father’s Day we have launched our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.

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You still here?  Okay, let’s fill you in on why we are so excited about our Father’s Day Gift Guide –

Hundreds of Real World Reviews, Just a Handful of Winners

Over the course of the year we have done hundreds of reviews on everything from gadgets to games, tools to toys and everything in between.  Real Dads and Moms have tested hundreds of products in real world settings to find out if the products can make your life a little easier, better or more fun in some way.

Along the way, we have produced over 150 videos showcasing the products we review and somehow got over 1.3 million people to view our YouTube ChannelNow, the fun part comes, we get to pick the best of the best for our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012.

Did We Mention The Father’s Day Gift Guide is Alive and Growing

Today we launch the 2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide, but this is just the beginning.  We are still reviewing more great father’s day gift ideas and the Father’s Day Gift Guide will continue to grow and expand until it takes over the world, or Father’s Day comes, whichever happens first.

Enough of the Talk, Let’s Look at the Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We firmly believe that Father’s Day gifts should be fun, so for 2012 we are guaranteeing that our Gift Guide will be 100% tie free.  We declare war on boring Father’s Day gifts and declare open season on having fun.

Okay, that is enough setup….

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