Review: iDAPT i4 Universal Charger, Be Gone Tangled Wires, Be Gone!

iDAPT i4

iDAPT i4

I love my gadgets but hate the tangled mess of charging wires that accompany them.  Yes, I do need my iPhone, iPad and video camera on any trip I take…even one to the bathroom.   There may be more gadgets in my family than Cheerios stuck in the couch cushions, which also means we have a tangled mess of wires and charges to keep everything juiced up and running.

The new iDAPT i4 Universal Charger promises to end your wire clutter by allowing you to charge four of your gadgets simultaneously, without the normal rat’s nest of wires.  How does the iDAPT i4 pull off this feat of charging magic?  Let’s take a look at our video review of the iDAPT i4 Universal Charger -

It’s In The Tips Man, All in The Tips

I was once told that the key to a smooth shot in basketball was “all in the tips man“.  I assume he was talking about finger tips, but maybe he just wanted a tip for the advice?  In any case, the same can now be said for the key to a good Universal Charger – it’s all in the tips!

The iDAPT i4 comes stock with 6 tips – Iphone, Mini USB, Samsung 4, Nokia 2 and Two Micro USB tips.  In addition you have the USB charging port on the side of the unit.  As the video shows, changing tips is a snap and you can also purchase additional tips (they make 25 tips) to charge over 4,500 different devices.  That is even more devices then we have in our house!

A Simple, Clean and Easy Way to Stay Charged Up

The great thing about the iDAPT i4 is that there is very little to explain about it.  It simply works as advertised.   Connect your devices and they charge.  Need to change chargers?  Simply snap in a different tip. Got a brand spanking new phone?  No need to buy all new chargers, just get a new tip for iDAPT.  The iDAPT also has a master power switch so you can shut the whole unit off when not in use, to eliminate any power drain – very green!

The iDAPT i4 Really Shines During Family Vacations

In our family we have multiple devices – phones, game devices, iPods, GPS, cameras and more that seem to need constant charging.    Before the iDAPT it was almost guaranteed that we would forget some charger when we went on vacation.  Now, we just bring the iDAPT and the whole family is set.  As a bonus, the iDAPT only takes up one outlet and this can be important in hotel rooms with limited outlets.

Not Every Device is Completely iDAPT Friendly

The manual claims the iDAPT is compatible with over 4,500 portable devices, and I have no reason to doubt that this is technically true.  With 25 different tips, the iDAPT can power just about anything.  The only problem we sometimes ran into was getting devices to fit on the iDAPT base.  Trying to get a large device like the Kindle Fire to balance on the iDAPT proved challenging.   In addition, some phone cases made it hard to fit the phones on the iDAPT.  For the most part we did not run into these balancing problems, but it is the occasional price you pay for going without wires.

Conclusion:  iDAPT i4 Universal Charger Is Your Answer to Wires Gone Wild

The iDAPT is the type of gadget any busy Dad or Mom can love – it makes your life a little easier and setup only involves plugging it in to the wall.  No drivers, no downloads, no firmware upgrades, simply a universal charger that charges four devices at once and cuts down on wire clutter.  It may not be the most fun and exciting gadget, but the iDAPT i4 is an easy and elegant way to keep all your fun gadgets fully charged, so think of the iDAPT as a fun facilitator!

More Information:

The iDAPT i4 With 6 Tips Sells for $59.99 (additional tips are $9.99 each).  Visit iDAPT to learn more.

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