Review: BiGR Audio Major League Baseball Headphones, Big In Every Way

BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

Love baseball?  Cool, of course you must have a favorite team.  Let’s say you are a Yankees fan – how can you show your allegiance to your favorite team?  There is all the obvious stuff – hats, shirts, jackets, bumper stickers, bobble heads – but everyone does that – you are different.  You like to stand out from the masses, and you sure will when you slip on a pair of the BiGR Audio Major League Baseball Headphones.

BiGR Baseball Headphones Are Big, I Mean Really Big

The BiGR Audio MLB Headphones are made for iPhones, iPads and Ipods – but these are no ordinary ear buds.  Fist the BiGR Headphones are physically very big.  Second, the Yankee BiGR Headphones that we received to review are just oozing with Yankees style.  You of course have the blue and white Yankee colors, but you also have leather around the top bridge of the headphones that looks and feels like a baseball glove.  All this, and we haven’t even touched on the beautiful etched bamboo box that the headphones come in.

To get a feel for the look of the BiGR MLB Headphones, let’s take a quick look at our video review -

No More Being a Closet Baseball Fan With the BiGR MLB Headphones

As you can see by the size of these headphones, this is NOT like wearing Yankees boxer shorts and privately showing your support for your team.  If you wear the BiGR Yankees Headphones, anyone in a one mile radius is going to see your love for the Yankees!  Of course BiGR makes a full line of Major League Baseball (MLB) headphones, so you can pick your favorite team and wear your headphones with pride.

What About the Sound of the BiGR MLB Headphones?

I think we can all agree the BiGR Headphones have unique packing and design, but headphones are measured by how they sound not look.  The BiGR Headphones definitely did not disappoint when it comes audio quality.  We do not pretend to be audio buffs, but even to an untrained ear the headphones sound far superior to “standard” iphone headphones.

We reviewed the Special Edition New York Yankees BiGR Headphones (retail for $199), these are the top of line in the MLB series.  Here are the audio specs for the headphones we reviewed –

  • Frequency Response: 4.7 Hz – 47 KHz
  • Driver Size: 57 mm
  • SPL: 108 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 24 ohms
  • Recommended Power: 15-250mW
  • Max Power: 1500mW
  • Plug: 3.5 mm
  • Weight (no cable): 369 grams

At first glance people might think New York Yankees branded headphones are just a fan novelty item, but once they put them on and hear the sound, they will be blown away by the clear and powerful sound.

The Mystery of the BiGR Cable

When we first received the BiGR Headphones to review there was no cable in the box.  We contacted BiGR and they immediately sent us not one, but two cables so we could do our review.  The cables were very nice lay flat cables and the sound quality was great.  The odd thing is that the BiGR website states –

“The headphones come with a cable with built-in call answer button and microphone so you can easily stop and start the talk while listening to your favorite sounds.”

We did not receive this cable, so we could not test these features in our review.   We will follow-up with BiGR and update the review as soon as we confirm what cable should come with the headphones.

Conclusion:  BiGR Audio MLB Headphones Make a Great Gift For Baseball Loving Music Fans

At $149 – $199 the BiGR MLB Headphones are not cheap.  If you don’t listen to much music or prefer lightweight casual headphones, then the BiGR MLB Headphones are not for you.  On the other hand, if you are a fan of a MLB team and like to actually hear every note of the music you listen to, you will love the BiGR MLB Headphones.

With a laser engraved Bamboo box and cloth carrying case for the headphones, the BiGR MLB Headphones also make a fantastic gift for the baseball loving, music grooving person in your life.    Just make sure you get them the right team, because no matter how good the headphones sound, a Red Sox fan is never going to wear the Yankees headphones!

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