As Mother’s Day Draws Near, Dads Tremble and Enter The Fetal Position

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

If I could figure out a way to rip my email out of the wall and throw it out the window, I would be all over it.  Man, I miss old corded wall mounted phones.   How many more emails do I need to get telling me I am a loser if I have not bought my wife the ultimate Mother’s Day present yet?   Do I get the flowers, the jewelery or the chocolate?  I guess I couldn’t go wrong with a flower design necklace made of chocolate, right?  Oh no, another email just came in, I can’t take it…time to enter fetal position and go to my happy place…

Mom Bloggers Save Us, Tell Us What Moms Really Want

Wait, what I am doing reading emails – I knew that was a mistake.  I need to check in with some Mom Bloggers, who better to tell us what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day?  Lisa Marie from Learning Titus 2 did a post called “What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

Lisa used this bizarre writing strategy where she actually polled Moms on Facebook and Twitter to see what they really wanted for Mother’s Day.  Researching a post…hmm, interesting idea.  Anyway, she found what Mom’s wanted could be summed up in five words – Rest, Respect, Recharge, Handmade, and Family.

You can hop over and read Lisa’s post, but it looks like Moms are not the materialistic monsters that every store selling Mother’s Day gifts would have you believe.   Dare I say, even at this late date, it seems very doable to get Mom what she wants for Mother’s Day according to Lisa’s post.  But wait, maybe Lisa and her readers just aren’t typical Moms, I need more data…

Suburban Coupon Mom Will Tell Us What Mom Really Wants

Okay, Meredith from Suburban Coupon Mom, a Mom Blogger who does deals and coupons, will surely tell us about all the expensive gifts that Mom really wants.   Yep, sure enough, Meredith has a post, “How Does Mom Really Want to Spend Mother’s Day“.  In the post she quotes a survey of over 19,000 Moms done by Plum District about what Moms want most for Mother’s Day.

Get ready to open your wallets Dads.  Plum District is a deal site for Moms and clearly their survey will show that Moms want expensive jewelery and other gifts that Dads hate to pick out.

Holy Crap, Are These Moms or Monks We Are Talking About?

The Plum District survey found…

  • 75 percent claim they would prefer a handmade card over a necklace from Tiffany & Co.®
  • Eight out of ten moms would choose to sleep in versus a sunrise breakfast with the kids
  • 66% of moms would like a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant.

I am slowly coming out of the fetal position, this is all very doable  – even at this late date.   Have the kids make a nice card, let Mom sleep in the morning, treat her well during the day and then go out to a nice dinner at night.  I knew my procrastination on buying gifts would pay off one of these days.

Just One Mystery Left, Who Are The Moms That Find Work More Fun Than Mother’s Day?

Below is the full infographic from Plum District, and as we all know if something is in an infographic, it must be true.  Most of it paints the picture of saintly Moms who are more into rest, relaxation and a loving family than materialistic things, but what is the deal with 25% of Moms who think work is more fun than Mother’s Day?  Oh no, maybe they are talking about my wife…returning to fetal position now.

What Mom's Want

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