Artifact Puzzles Bring Puzzling Pieces With New Old Fashioned Jigsaw Puzzles

Artifact Puzzles

Artifact Puzzles

The fact that jigsaw puzzles are still around gives me hope for the future of our civilization.  With all the electronics, gadgets, distractions and non-stop beeping things in our lives, I ponder if we are doomed.  I mean really,  space aliens could come down to take over our planet and we wouldn’t even look up from our phones and tablets.  The Aliens would just seem like some augmented reality add-on to the latest and greatest app….until they started to eat our brains!

Not all is gloom and doom, I do see hope in the fact that people still like good old fashioned jigsaw puzzles.  Yep, no batteries, no apps to download and when done together with friends and family it is real social networking!  Now a company called Artifact Puzzles is looking to bring a new twist to classic jigsaw puzzles, but in an old-fashioned way.

Artifact Puzzles – The New Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle That Feels Like an Artifact

Artifact Puzzles are wooden artisan puzzles made by a small company in Seattle.  They have everything from puzzles of Monet painting to a design done by a local artist.   All the puzzles are laser cut 1/4″ thick wooden jigsaw puzzles.  So, what makes these puzzles different?  The puzzle pieces!

Let’s look at our video review of two Artifact Puzzles…

Now Those Are Some Puzzling Pieces

As the video shows, the pieces of the Artifact Puzzles are very cool.    In the San Francisco Literary Map puzzle you have puzzle pieces in the shape of birds, cars, bicycles, planes and more – all very cool.  The Hokusai Dragon puzzle looks easy at first, how hard could an 81 piece puzzle be?  Once you realize all the pieces are basically the same shape, it becomes much more difficult.

Puzzles That Also Feel Like Artwork

Artifact Puzzles

If you go to the Artifact Puzzles website you will see they have a wide range of puzzles, ranging in price from $18 – $120.  They have over 70 puzzles, with different levels of difficulty based on the number of pieces and the style of the pieces.   The one constant among all the puzzles is that they are beautiful.  You can select a Monet or Renoir puzzle or maybe go with a local artist you have never heard of.  All in all, the puzzles are very well done and have beautiful designs.

Conclusion:  Artifact Puzzles Make the Perfect Gift for The Puzzle Lover in Your Life

Giving someone a framed print of a Renoir is nice, but you really can’t play with a framed print.  On the other hand, given someone a very challenging puzzle that will form a Renoir when completed, that is a whole lot more fun!  The Artifact Puzzles would make a great gift for anyone who loves puzzles. Even people who are not normally into jigsaw puzzles, will appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of the Artifact Puzzles.  As a bonus, all that puzzle solving will help defeat the aliens when they come to eat our brains.

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Artifact Puzzles

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