Review: Cooper CS4 Touring Tires, Can Tires Be Safe and Fun?

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As a guy, I love the idea of putting some sporty tires on my car, feeling the road and just flying into the sunset.  As a Dad, I need super safe tires on the Minivan, so I don’t go flying into a drive through window when it rains!   Is there a replacement tire that can fulfill both my guy and Dad side?   The Cooper CS4 Touring Tires promise to be the tire that can give you the speed and handling that guys love, while providing the safety and durability that Dads desire.

What is The Cooper CS4 Touring Tire?

If you are not a car enthusiast, you may not have heard of Cooper Tires.  Cooper Tires is an Ohio based company that has been around for over 80 years.  Cooper focuses on making high performance replacement tires, such as the Cooper CS4 tire.  The CS4 is an all season tire,with some very impressive technology and features…

  • Cooper spent over $200 million to develop a new rubber compound for the tire
  • Exhaustively Tested – Over 10,000 hours of lab testing and 5 million miles of vehicle testing
  • Spring vents eliminate the hanging rubber “hairs” seen on most new tires
  • Nylon is used to resist flat spotting for improved ride quality and balanced, even tread wear for long life
  • Innovative 5-rib tread design to provide for excellent stability, traction and tread wear
  • Tapered circumferential sipes evacuate water and provide extra grip in rain and snow.
  • 60,000 or 80,000 mile treadwear warranty (depending on model)

Clearly the Cooper CS4 sounded impressive on paper…but I don’t drive my family around on paper!  To fully test the CS4 tires we decided to give it a long and intense test drive over the last 6 months.

No, We Have Not Been Driving Around a Test Track for the  Past 6 Months

At Dad Does we believe in real world reviews and it really doesn’t get any more real than driving to the supermarket, play dates and ball games.  Yes, we had the Cooper CS4 tires installed on our Honda Odyssey Minivan six months ago and we are now ready to report back with the results.

I started out as a skeptic, believing all tires were pretty much the same and there would be little difference between the tires that came with the Odyssey and the CS4s.  After 6 months of driving through all types of weather conditions in the Northeast I can now fully admit I was 100% wrong! There really was  a huge difference when driving on the Cooper CS4 tires.

The most noticeable improvement was in rain and snow.  The Honda Odyssey is not an all wheel drive vehicle and before putting on the CS4 tires wet conditions proved challenging.  Starting on the snow often involved spinning tires.  Traction, turning and fast stops were all difficult with the stock tires.  On the other hand, the CS4 tires handled remarkable well in bad weather.  I had a much greater handling and felt in complete control of the car.   After 6 months of driving with the CS4 tires I can absolutely say they improved the wet handling of the car in all respects.

The CS4 tires did great in dry conditions, but the stock tires were fine in these conditions as well.  I will say the ride seemed slightly more comfortable and quiet when traveling at high speeds on the highway.  Of course, it is a little hard to judge the noise level of the tires when you have a Minivan full of screaming kids.

Here is a quick video review of our experience with the Cooper CS4 Tires -

Conclusion:  Cooper CS4 Tires, Tires Even a Non Car Buff Can Appreciate

I grew up  in NYC riding the subways and never owned a car until we had kids.  I am absolutely not a car guy and could not give you any technical data regarding my testing of the CS4 tires.  What I can tell you is that after 6 months of driving on the CS4 tires, I can absolutely feel the improvement over the tires that came with the Minivan.

The CS4 tires really shine in the bad weather.  You still need to be alert and cautious when driving in poor conditions, but the CS4 tires let you stay in complete control of your car.  Dry conditions were no problem for the CS4 and the 60,000 mile treadwear warranty (H/V rated model) or the 80,000 mile warranty (T rated model) show that these tires are built to last.

The Cooper CS4 Tires prove you can have a fun, sporty and safe tire all in one.   Now if only they made tires that could cancel out the noise of kids screaming inside the minivan, then I might get my sanity back as well.

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