Review: Mighty Max Cart Proves Design Matters, Even in a Utility Cart

Mighty Max

Mighty Max Cart

When you think of thoughtfully created and well designed  consumer products, you probably think of companies like Apple and their beautiful and effortlessly functional iDevices.  My guess is images of gardening and utility carts do not dance through your head when thinking of elegant design.   That might change once you have a look at the Mighty Max Cart.

The Mighty Max Cart, One Cart, Endless Uses

I know, how can a cart that you use to pull around dirt, coolers or junk be cool?  As a busy Dad I am sucker for any product that is well designed and can be configured to help me out in a number of different scenarios.  The Mighty Max utility cart is such a product.

Let’s take a look at the Mighty Max in action in our full video review…

You Have to Admit, That is A Lot Cooler Than a Wheel Barrel or Wagon!

As the video shows, the Mighty Max cart has numerous configurations and endless uses.   We have spent a few weeks testing out the Mighty Max and it really does come in handy in so many different ways.  Here are some of the reasons the Mighty Max is such a great cart –

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Permaflate Wheels Never Go Flat
  • Holds Up to 800 Pounds but Weighs Only 22 Pounds
  • Plastic Polymer Used by NASA Will Not Rust or Dent
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Versatility – Can Be Configured in Numerous Ways
  • Can Roll On Any Surface
  • Comes With Hitch Attachment, Can Be Pulled by Tractor
  • Kids Love It!

Is The Mighty Max Just a Fancy Gardening Cart?

Mighty Max

Nope.  Sure, the Mighty Max worked great around the garden – fill the tub with soil and keep your tools under the tub – but that is just one of the many ways families will use the Mighty Max Cart.  Here is a quick list of the ways that busy families could use the Mighty Max –

  • Getting All Your Beach Gear to The Perfect Beach Spot
  • Transporting Your Gear When Fishing, Camping or Hunting
  • Transporting Food for a Picnic
  • Moving Just About Anything (holds up to 800 pounds)
  • For a Perfect Tailgate Party
  • Help With The Endless Outdoor Housework
  • Moving Tired and Cranky Kids From Point A to Point B

This May Be the Greatest Feature of the Mighty Max Cart…

Kids love to pull it!  Yes, our kids were begging us to let them pull sticks to the brush pile and move heavy bags of soil.  I will give all the Moms and Dads a moment to let that sink in.  Yes, kids actually like to help out with chores when you are using the Mighty Max cart.  I am not sure how long this will last, perhaps the “fun” will wear off after a few weeks, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

Conclusion:  The Mighty Max Cart Proves Not All Well Designed Products Start with “i”

You probably think that old wheel barrel or wagon in the shed is fine, but that will all change once you use the Mighty Max.  Who knew all the uses for a lightweight cart, that can hold 800 pounds and can be configured in countless ways?  Is the Mighty Max personal utility cart the most exciting product in the world?  No, but it is a well designed product that  will make a parent’s life easier and that is always exciting to us!

More Information:

The Mighty Max We Reviewed (the MM 800B) Sells for $149.

To Learn More or To Order, Visit the Mighty Max Site (Want Free Shipping? Enter Coupon Code “daddoes”)

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