What, Mother’s Day Again??? Didn’t We Just Have That Last Year???

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Is today April Fools Day?  A reader just asked when we were going to provide some Mother’s Day coverage.  Mother’s Day…again?  Is this some type of prank?  I believe it was just about a year ago that we somehow managed to survive the once in a millennium stress storm that was known as Mother’s Day.   Hold on,  the DadDoes Investigative team is handing me some breaking information….Holy Crap, Mother’s Day happens every year!

While We Are Stealing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…

Okay, crisis mode here.  Give us a couple of days to steal some really good Mother’s Day gift ideas from some other sites.   Last year we did pretty well by stealing all these Mother’s Day gift ideas from the Martha Stewart blog.  We have our Ninjas scouring the web as we speak to find the best Mother’s Day Gift guides, but in the meantime, we found something to hold you over.  How about a cool Mother’s Day gift at 65% off?  Come, on who doesn’t like saving money!

MyPix2Canvas – The Most Clearly Named Company in the World


Sure, Apple makes more money than most countries, but if you were just dropped on this planet, no way you guess what Apple does just from hearing the company name.  On the other hand, I will give you one guess what MyPix2Canvas does…  Very good, they put your pictures on canvas.The owner, Damon Rando, previously worked at Apple and Kodak, and thankfully decided not to follow their naming strategy.

MyPix2Canvas turns digital photographs into works of art with bright, vibrant colors and excellent construction.  They produce fine art and photography prints on canvas and are 100% made in the USA- from the canvas, ink, wood, sealants and labor.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…the 65% off…

Special Mother’s Day Code Saves You 65%

I think we all get the appeal of these things – take photos of the kids and turn them into museum quality pieces of artwork.  The problem is this stuff is pricey…or maybe not, check out this deal we found just moments ago –

By entering the discount code MDAY2012 at checkout, customers will be able to personalize a 16”x20” canvas on a 1.5” thick frame for $29* (regularly $85.53).  With a savings of more than 65%, this is the best Mother’s Day canvas offer on the market.  In order to receive the canvas by Mother’s Day, orders must be placed by May 3rd, 2012.

Buying a personalized piece of artwork for Mother’s Day that cost $29 instead of $85 – that almost makes it worth having Mother’s Day every year.

No, We Have Not Tried MyPix2Canvas Yet

As our regular readers know we rarely recommend something we have not tested.  We have not had a chance to review MyPix2Canvas yet, so do your own research.  From everything we have seen it looks great and given the limited time offer (65% off ends May 3rd, 2012) we wanted to let you know about the service as soon as possible.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get bust stealing some Mother’s Day gift ideas…

More Information:

Visit MyPix2Canvas and Enter Coupon Code MDAY2012 to Get The Deal

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