Go Green For Earth Day, Wait What Exactly Is Green?

Earth day

Earth day

April 22nd is Earth Day, so let’s all make a promise right now to be more “green” in 2012.  There is only one problem with this plan, who knows what “green” means anymore?  Does Green mean carbon neutral?  Or is it recycled, sustainable materials?  Maybe your green is my brown?  Now I am confused…

Can GreenCupboards Help Us In Our Quest to Be Green?

As always, resourceful online companies have come to rescue us from the confusion of green products.  A site called GreenCupboards promises to be your one stop shop for eco-friendly merchandise…

“Greencupboards targets consumers who strive to do the right things to sustain the planet, yet are challenged to find a broad selection of eco-friendly products that work and cost about the same as a their non-green counterparts.

GreenCupboards offers the vastest array of thoroughly vetted eco-friendly products of any e-retailer in our market. We currently provide approximately 15,000 unique items from over 600 suppliers. Critical to our mission, we endeavor to provide an easy, fun and educational shopping experience, over-the-top customer service and competitive prices. To date, we have satisfied the purchasing needs of over 100,000 consumers.”

That is all fine and good, but so far it still doesn’t define what “green” really means.  The really interesting part of GreenCupboards.Com is the ability to shop by Eco-Traits.

Shop by Eco-traits And Make Your Own Shade of Green


What really impressed us about the GreenCupboards site was the ability to shop and search by Eco-Traits.   The image above shows a handful of the Eco-Traits, but there are actually over 20 different Eco-Traits you can search by (see the full list here) to make your perfect shade of green.

Let’s say you wanted to buy a “green” toy for a birthday party.  You can search by “toys” and then you will see this on the left hand side…


Simply check off what is most important in your definition of a “green” toy and boom – personalized green!

Of Course, There Is More To Green Than Just Eco-Traits

We believe that the ability to shop and compare by Eco-Traits is what separates GreenCupboards from many of the other green shopping sites, but GreenCupboards does have other cool features as well.   A new feature coming for Earth Day is Carbon Neutral Shipping.  The Carbon Neutral symbol lets you know which products ship carbon neutral. Through this program a contribution is made to a reduction project to mitigate the carbon dioxide emissions associated with shipping.

In addition to having a one-stop shop for green products you also want all the other features we have come to expect from an ecommerce site.  GreenCupboards scores well in this area as well with free shipping over $49 and $5 shipping for anything else.  In addition, they strive to ship quickly and have friendly customer service if you have questions or problems.

No Excuses This Earth Day – Go Green!

If you are anything like me, you would fall into the trap of “it is too confusing to know what even makes something green, so I’ll try to go green next year.”  Well sites like GreenCupboard are knocking our excuses off the board!  Now Green is personalized, maybe just go pale green this year – pick one or two eco-traits that are important to you and go for it.   Before you know it you will be hooked and bleeding green, and the planet will say thank you!

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