Review: Zombie Burbz AppGear, Zombies On Your iPad…Literally!

Zombie Burbz

Zombie Burbz

Zombie games on the iPad are nothing new.   Controlling a zombie game by moving a toy Zombie figure all over your iPad screen?  Now that’s some undead action worth talking about.  The new Zombie Burbz app for the iPad is part of the WowWee Toys AppGear line of toys.  AppGear toys use toy figures to interact with specially made apps and games for your iPhone, iPad and Android device.

What Is It Like To Move A Zombie All Over Your iPad?

Zombie Burbz hits the App Store on 4/23/12, but due to our connections in the undead world we were able to play Zombie Burbz and even score a few Zombie figures as well.   The Zombie pack we summoned from the underworld came with 3 collectible zombie figures and 1 deluxe zombie figure.  If you are not well connected in the Zombie world, you will need to buy your Zombie pack for about 10 bucks.   The good news is that the app is free.

Let’s take a look at our hands-on review of AppGear Zombie Burbz…

Beware Fingers, Zombie Figures Are Looking to Make You Obsolete

Remember when we used our fingers to play games on the iPad?  If AppGear has their way, our fingers will soon be replaced by toy figures.  As the video shows, you need to use your deluxe zombie to play Zombie Burbz.  Different Zombies will unlock different missions, so rather than an in-app purchase to unlock new levels, you will need to buy Zombie toy figures.

In general the whole toy interacting with an app system worked well.  You do want to follow the instructions on how to hold the toy figure and get the best results.  If you don’t keep even pressure on the toy figure, you can experience some sync issues with the app.   With a little bit of practice, you quickly learn how to best hold the toy figure and can have a ton of fun battling those pesky humans.

Are the Zombie Figures Just a Gimmick?

Yes and no.  Clearly, they could have made Zombie Burbz to work with just finger gestures, so one could argue the figures are just gimmicks that don’t enhance game play.    In reality the Zombie figures do manage to add an element of strangeness to the game, which is perfect for a zombie game and it does enhance game play.

When you are moving a physical zombie all over your screen, it feels very different than just flicking your fingers.  AppGear calls it “amplified reality” and that is about right.  By having a 3D, physical figure to control your character in the game, you do get a sense of amplified reality.  In addition, if you have kids who love collecting things, now they can collect more zombie figures.

Conclusion:  Zombie Figures Do Help Make the Undead, the Amplified Reality Undead

Forgetting the toy figures for a moment, Zombie Burbz is a fun game, but not the most original.   You lay traps, fight bad guys and try to move from level to level…very well done graphics, but really nothing to write home about.  Add in the Zombie figures and suddenly all of our testers became obsessed with Zombie Burbz! As strange as it sounds, moving that toy Zombie on the iPad screen does create a different playing experience that people greatly enjoy.

Parents, if you have kids who like Zombie games, be prepared for the invasion.  Our guess is that the kids will be begging for the full line of Zombie figures.  In no time you will have Zombie figures all over the house, which you will trip over in the middle of the night…but don’t worry you can’t hurt them, they are already the walking dead!

More Information:

Zombie Burbz by AppGear runs on the iPad, Ages 9+

Zombie Burbz App is free, a package of 1 Deluxe zombie toy figure and 3 collectible zombie figures is $10

Each Deluxe Zombie Figure unlocks a mission in Zombie Burbz

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