BiteHunter 2.0 App – Who Says We Are Not Still Hunters and Gathers

Bite Hunter 2.0 App

BiteHunter 2.0

The more things change, the more things stay the same.    We started as hunters and gathers, those Homo Sapiens were handy with a spear, taking down large animals for their meals. Flash forward 200,000 years and we are still hunting and gathering…in a slightly different way. Now we hunt for great deals on our meals and instead of a spear, opt for iPhone apps like BiteHunter 2.0.

BiteHunter 2.0, The Lastest Way to Save Money on Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t like saving money on meals?  Clearly, we all like to save money with great deals, but as busy parents we don’t have time to search through endless “daily deal” sites to save some cash.  It may have started with GroupOn, but now there are countless other deal sites all promising to save us money.  How can we avoid daily deal burnout?  With BiteHunter 2.0, the new iPhone app that pulls all the top meal deals together in one easy to use app.

Here is the quick description of BiteHunter 2.0 -

BiteHunter 2.0 scavenges the web for all of the best deals and information that restaurants are promoting on sources such as daily deal websites, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, dining discount sites and more – and compiles it in one easy-to-navigate mobile app.  Its search capabilities allow consumers to find dining deal listings based on anything from location, time of day and specific kinds of food, among other filters. The app continues to grow its content and resources and includes dining deals from companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Yelp Deals, Savored,, Mobile Spinach, and tons more. The app also offers API integration with companies such as CityMaps and top mobile apps LocalEats and MyCityWay.

Visually, BiteHunter 2.0 presents restaurants and deals with a new eye-catching photo grid and a streamlined layout with breakthrough design. BiteHunter 2.0 utilizes a new algorithm to define the top deals for each user. By cleaning the clutter, the app now lists “Top Deals” first based on location, highest reviews and most popular user ratings. In addition, searches can be filtered by selecting and deselecting cuisine based on user preference. Results are already based on time of day and location. For each deal, the app shares all pertinent details, including restaurant contact info, location, menu, photos, reviews and more. Users can also make reservations within the app.  The app now features the all new BiteBuy™, a new one-click purchasing option in which users can browse and buy dining deals, both locally or across the country, without ever leaving the application.

How much does all this cost you?  Our favorite price – nothing! Yep, the app is completely free.

Testing BiteHunter 2.0 Out in NYC

Everything sounded great about BiteHunter 2.0, but we wanted to see real world results, so we have been playing with it in NYC.  Overall, the app really does work as advertised and makes it far easier to navigate the world of deals and save your family some real money. BiteHunter 2.0 has a very easy to use interface –

Bite Hunter 2.0 App

To start you can connect any group deal accounts you currently have, such as Groupon and Living Social.  Then you have the option to view deals around you in list mode or as a series of photos.  Of course you can limit your results based on different search criteria (best deals, American, Asian, etc) and location.

By far our favorite feature is the ability to purchase the deal directly inside the app – perhaps this is the “gather” part of the app!  As the photos above show, once you find a deal you want, you click the purchase button and everything happens directly in the app.

A Couple of Rough Edges In The Bite Hunting World

We had some occasional issues with a link not pulling up the requested information – but this is probably more an issue with the information on the deal site than with BiteHunter 2.0 .  The biggest problem with using BiteHunter 2.0 is that it can still be confusing how a deal works.  Again, this is not an issue at all with BiteHunter – it is an issue with some deals having complicated rules.  In fact, BiteHunter does a better job than any app we have used in trying to make the deal rules and fine print as clear as possible, but it is an uphill battle with so many different rules for different deals.  Here is an example…

We were looking for a nice Italian meal in NYC.  BiteHunter quickly shows a deal for Panorama Cafe – buy $30 of food for $15 – sounded good!  Clicking on the deal told us it was from VoiceDailyDeals.  We then clicked on the “Fine Print” button on BiteHunter which told us we could not use the coupon until the day after the deal closed.  Another click revealed that the Time Remaining on the deal was 109 hours and 36 minutes!  Did this really mean we had to wait over 5 days to use the deal?  When my kids are hungry, we can’t wait 5 minutes or we risk a meltdown.

The above shows some of the rough edges of trying to get all the different deals to fit nicely into the BiteHunter interface.  As a Dad, I would like to see a feature that allowed you to sort results by offers that could be used within 24 hours. The interface and app is so easy to use, I would love to be out with the kids and find a place around us to grab lunch, for that day, at a great deal.

Conclusion:  There is Absolutely No Reason NOT To Try BiteHunter 2.0

Did we mention that BiteHunter is free, easy to use and has a great interface?  Well, we should have had you at free.  There is really no reason why parents should not give BiteHunter a shot.  Your results may vary based on location, but did we mention the cost…nothing!  Yes, we had some small issues with the rules of the deals, but we would have these same issues if we visited the deal sites directly.  BiteHunter 2.0 can save you time and money and those are two things any Mom or Dad can truly appreciate.

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