Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012, The Best Gift Ideas and 100% Tie Free!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

It’s coming, It’s Coming, IT”S COMING! Yes, the highest of all high holy days is almost here. We are of course speaking of FATHER’S DAY!

Yep, put a big, giant red circle around June 17th, 2012 – that is when Father’s Day falls this year and Dad’s everywhere are showered with….ties! What? No, we don’t want no stinking ties? We want fun gifts, wacky gifts – completely impractical but cool stuff we would not buy for ourselves!

Presenting The Dad Does Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012

We are Dad Does, so by the sheer power of our name we does (okay, maybe do) things. If we can do just one thing this year it would be to make sure no Dad gets a boring tie for Father’s Day! If we could do two thing, the other thing would be world peace, but hold us to one thing and we gotta go with the no ties for Father’s Day thing.

We had such a great response to our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011, we decided to do it again this year – but even bigger and better. What makes our Father’s Day Gift Guide so special?

Every Product Will be Subject to our Full Hands On, Real World Review Process

We never recommend a product until we have had a chance to use it, test it and abuse it. No fluff pieces here based on a press release or news story – every gift on this list will be fully tested and evaluated by real Dads (and Moms). Read our full Product Review Pledge.

Original Videos Showcasing The Products We Recommend

After intense negotiations we have pulled off the incredible and can now announce that Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitts have all agreed to not be in our video reviews. This is an absolute guarantee! Not impressed? Well, we can also guarantee that we will make original videos to demonstrate the gifts we recommend for dear old Dad. Sometimes, you just need to see the gift in action to truly appreciate its awesomeness.

Written By Dads and For Dads

Way back in 2010, I was on my tractor, mowing my lawn, when I had my vision. A giant orange D appeared before me and told me three things, “You must start a site called Dad Does. You must offer honest reviews written by Dads and for Dads. You must do a Father’s Day Gift Guide every year.” I then floored the tractor and ran over the giant orange D. I don’t much care for visions. Still, he had some good ideas, so we decided to take his advice.

More Bizarre Categories Than Any Other Father’s Day Gift List

I think I speak for all Dads when I say, “We are tired of ties!” Absolutely no boring gift ideas will be allowed in this gift guide. Our guide will have more interesting ideas like, “Gift most likely to Make Dad Cry Tears of Joy”. We promise to provide some fun, wacky and bizarre gift ideas for Dad.

The Gift Guide Will be Alive and Growing…Just Like Your Kids

We will start filling in products for this gift guide in May and probably not stop until June 16th! This guide will be a living guide, growing, changing, eating…okay maybe not that last one – but you get the idea. This will not be a stagnant list of gift ideas, as we review new products for Dad, we will add them to this guide.

Enough of the Cheap Talk, Let’s Get to The Fun Gift Ideas!

Time is ticking away until June 17th, 2012 – so let’s cut the chatting and jump into the great gift ideas for Father’s Day 2012!

The Manly Gift That is As Fun To Give As It Is To Get

Man Crates

Man Crates

There is just something about giving Dad his Father’s Day gift…and then handing him a crowbar to open it! Yes, Man Crates are actually sealed wooden crates, stuffed with things Dad will love like beer, snacks, video games or beef jerky…if he can ever get it opened! Luckily, a crowbar is included. This ain’t Mother’s Day anymore – no bows, ribbons or wrapping paper on Father’s Day!

Full Review (and video) of Man Crates – The Gift Basket for Men

Price $70 – $95.

The Perfect Gift To Keep Annoying Relatives Miles Away

Biscotti HD Video Phone

Biscotti TV Phone

Okay kids, listen up – we are talking to you now. Let’s not name names, but we all have those well meaning but annoying relatives who constantly want to come over to see you, squeeze you and tell you that same story they told you the last 15 times they visited.

Mom and Dad say you have to see the relatives…but what if you could see them, but they couldn’t touch you? Enter the Biscotti HD Video Phone. A simple device you hook-up to the living room HD TV and then the relatives can “visit” with you by video chat. Kids, buy a Biscotti Video Phone for Dad this year and your days of having your cheeks squeezed by relatives are over!

Full Review (and video) of the Biscotti HD Video Phone

Price $149.

The Gift That Will Make Dad and the Couch Finally Become One

Boxee Box by D-Link

Boxee Box by D-Link
Poor old Dad. Sometimes he needs to stop watching TV and get off the couch to go to his computer and check how his fantasy baseball team is doing. Or maybe he needs to hop over to YouTube to see if any more cats learned how to play the piano. It is not easy going from the couch to the computer, a guy could easily pull a groin muscle that way.

Save Dad any injuries this year by getting him the Boxee Box by D-Link. This magical little box sits on top of the TV and pulls in media from everywhere online and puts it all on your HD TV. Enter in your friends and the Boxee Box will even quietly scan their Facebook and Twitter feeds and pull in any media they have been sharing. Now they just need to make a couch with a built in toilet…Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013???

Full Review (and video) of the Boxee Box by D-Link

Price $179.

Perfect Gift For the UnPlugged, Puzzle Happy Artsy Dads

Artifact Puzzles

Artifact Puzzles
iPhones, iPods, Blackberries…sometimes the amount of beeping, buzzing and vibrating that Dad experiences in a day is enough to push him over the edge. Maybe Dad needs to unplug this Father’s Day, enjoy some fine art…then pull his hair out trying to piece together the Artifact Puzzles!

Artifact Puzzles are wooden artisan jigsaw puzzles with beautiful designs from a wide range of artists. At first glance, Dad might think his Artifact Puzzle is just a “normal” puzzle, but once he sees puzzle pieces in the shape of jet planes, birds and a peace sign – he will start to understand these are no ordinary puzzles. Challenging, beautiful and 100% battery free!

Full Review (and video) of the Artifact Puzzles

Price: Puzzles Range from $18 – $120.

The Top Gift For The Dad That Loves Gadgets, But Hates Wires!

iDAPT i4 Universal Charger

iDAPT i4
Dads tend to like gadgets. iPhones, GPS, digital cameras, Android tablets, music players – the more the merrier when it comes to these beautifully designed pieces of technology. However, there is an ugly dark side to all these cool gadgets – the ungodly mess of charging adapters and cables that come with each new gadget.

This Father’s Day help Dad (and the rest of the family) kill the beast of wires with the iDAPT i4 Universal Charger. Simultaneous charge 4 different devices and lose all the ugly wires. Interchangeable tips mean the iDAPT works with over 4,000 gadgets. We know, how fun can a charger be? Well, keeping all Dad’s nifty gadgets juiced up will let Dad have tons of fun!

Full Review (and video) of the iDAPT i4 Universal Charger

Price $59.

Perfect Gift For the Music Loving, Baseball Addicted Dad

BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

The best Father’s Day gifts are ones that are personalized to Dad’s interest and tastes. Let’s say Dad is a die hard Yankees fan, but also a lover of music and high fidelity. Do you go with a nice Yankees shirt or a high quality pair of headphones? Why choose? With the BiGR Audio MLB Headphones series you can pick from 30 different Major League Baseball team branded headphones. The headphones look fantastic, come in a Bambo collectors box, but most important of all – the headphones that have incredible sound quality.

Full Review (and video) of the BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

Price $149-$199.

Perfect Gift To Keep Dad on His Diet

Rockboard Scooter
Rockboard Scooter

We told you this Father’s Day Gift guide was going to be different – and this one proves it! The Rockboard Scooter is an awesomely fun scooter for kids. Instead of kicking to go, you keep both feet on the board and just rock back and forth to propel you forward at up to 10 MPH.
So, what is a kid’s scooter doing on this Father’s Day list? The scooter will hold riders up to 200 pounds, and with its adjustable handle bar, Dads will have no problem riding this scooter and having a blast. Father’s Day should be about fun and this is fun. Once Dad enjoys riding the Rockboard around, he will think twice about going off his diet and passing the 200 pound mark. Bonus, riding the Rockboard is great exercise so Dad will stay in shape as he has fun scooting like a kid again. See, you just need to think outside the box a little!

Full Review (and video) of the Rockboard Scooter

Price $199.

Think we are done? You must be out of your mind!

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