Review: National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys, Connecting Toys and Nature

Shoe Lights

Shoe Lights

What parent doesn’t love the educational and conservation aspects of National Geographic?  What kid doesn’t love exploring and playing outside?  Combine exploration, education and outdoor fun and you have the new National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Series of Toys from Uncle Milton.

National Geographic Explorer Toys – Adventure Awaits!

We wanted to see how the new National Geographic explorer toys held up in the wilderness (or at least our backyard) so we decided to take three of the new toys in the line for a test drive.  We tested the Earth Tag, Expedition Sky Flare and Expedition Shoe Lights, let’s take a look at the video review -

Adding the National Geographic Twist to Toys

As the video shows, the toys are fun, but not revolutionary.  The Earth Tag is basically a foam sling shot toy.  The Expedition Sky Flare, is a a fling toy with a light.  The Shoe Lights are…well, shoe lights.  So, why did we really like this line of toys?  The National Geographic spin gave these old toys new life.

In Earth Tag, the Activity Guide has a game called “Tree-Mendous Mission”.  In this game, you try to find different species of trees and “tag” them by shooting the foam ball at the tree.  The guide then encourages kids to write down all the different specimens they found.

The Activity Guides for the Sky Flare and Shoe Lights offer similar themed games and activities.  It is these new ways to play with the toys that gives them new life.    The toys are generally simple and fun tools to be used while exploring nature and having fun outside!

Want More Toys…We Give You More Toys!

We decided to try to out three toys in the National Geographic Explorer line, but there are nine toys currently in the line.  In addition to the three we featured here you have – 3-In-1 Expedition Magnifier, 4-In-1 Explorer Navigation Tool, All-Terrain Nature Collector, Deep Cave Explorer Echo Maker, Expedition Trekking Pack and High Sierra Eco Explorer.  You can learn more about the other National Geographic Explorer toys on the Uncle Milton site.

Conclusion: National Geographic Toys, for Nature Loving Fun

As parents we want our kids to put down the video games, go outside and experience nature.  The trend for 2012 seems to be toys that are connected to an app and electronics.   It is refreshing to see a line of toys that tries to connect toys with nature.  Yes, shooting a slingshot at a tree to learn about nature is a bit of a stretch, but if it gets kids more aware of trees, I am all for it.

If your kids need a little extra motivation to get outside and love nature, the National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Series of Toys are a great choice. The toys are solid and fun, while the Activity Guide provides a nature loving way to enjoy the toys.

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