The Dad Does Foolproof Plan For Enjoying The First Weekend of Baseball

Baseball Weekend

Baseball Weekend

Guys, I’ll be brief as time is not on our side.  Baseball is back and I bet you would love to watch a few games this weekend.  Of course, it is also Passover and Easter, and you probably have a million other things you should be doing this weekend.  So, if we are going to try to sell to our wives that watching baseball is a productive thing to do this weekend, we need to get the kids and education on our side.

The plan is simple – make watching baseball an educational activity that will enrich the lives of your cherished children.  Come on, what Mom could say no to that?  As with any good plans, it contains three steps.  As with any incredible plan, it starts with Step one…

Step One:  Make It All About Reading

Democrat or Republican, East Coast or West Coast, Yankees or Red Sox – if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that reading is a good activity for kids.  So, as quick as you can, pick up a copy of Kevin Markey’s newest installment in The Super Slugger Series – Rainmaker.

The Super Sluggers Rainmaker

Why in the world has Slingshot Slocum, the team’s star pitcher, decided to throw a forkball?  Sure, the forkball is a great pitch for a Major League player, but for a kid it can wreck his arm over the long term.  More importantly in the short term, Slingshot has lost all control and walked three batters in a row.  Will the forkball doom the Rounders?  Will the torrential rain wash away their hopes?  You and your kids must read Rainmaker and find out.

Yes, it is a baseball book, but it was written up in the Washington Post and that is a newspaper, so that must make it highly educational as well, right?  Our own Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire, pick the previous books in the Super Sluggers series for her Best Kids’ Books of 2011 and she works in a library.  Come on, everything that comes out of a librarian’s mouth is educational.

Step one is a piece of cake – you are enhancing your child’s life by reading a book, that happens to be about baseball and the kids are learning like maniacs.  Pick up The Super Sluggers: Rainmaker at your local book store or at Amazon.Com.

Step Two: Get The Kids Firmly In Your Corner With Oyo’s

If you have some younger kids at home, who are not huge baseball fans, you need to win them over to your cause.  What better way to win the hearts of young kids than by bribing them with toys?  Of course, the toy needs to have a baseball connection and some educational aspect, so go with the Oyo Minifigures

Kevin Youkilis Minifigure OYO

Yep, that is Kevin Youkilis, complete with the facial hair to match the real player (we will explain why this is so important shortly).  They make these little collectible, Lego like figures for every Major League team, so pick up a couple of your favorite players…for the kids of course.

How are you going to sell this toy as educational?  It is all in the details my friend…

OYOs are designed with eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other facial characteristics that best represent their real life counterparts!

Kids need to learn matching and visual perception skills, you really can’t argue with that.  For right now, you are selling the fact that you are teaching the kids how to tell things apart and spot minor differences in facial appearance, but get ready, it really comes together in Step three…

Step Three:  Bringing It All Together Into An Educational Weekend of Baseball Watching

You have done the leg work, now it is time to set this beautiful plan in motion.  Now, you simply announce that you and the kids will need to spend the weekend watching baseball.  When you get that look that could kill from your wife, you calmly explain…

Honey, it is not for me, I am just trying to educate the kids.  We read that Rainmaker book, but they really didn’t understand what a forkball was or some of the finer points of the game.  By watching a few real games, it should really enhance their educational experience of reading and drill home the physics behind a forkball.

I am also a little concerned about Bobbie’s matching skills, just not sure he is getting enough practice in school.  So, we will use those Oyo Minifigure toys educational aides to practice during the games.  Bobbie plays with his figures and every time he spots a real life player that matches one of his figures, he gets me some chips.  I’m thinking 162 rounds of this game and Bobbie should be all set.

Let me know how things go, I’ll be cleaning out the garage this weekend…

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