Join Us Tonight for a Live Chat on Spring Camping, Because It Sure Beats Spring Cleaning

Spring Camping

Spring Camping

In the spirit of the election season, time for a lightning poll…

Which Would You Rather Talk About?

A.  Spring Camping

B.  Spring Cleaning

Do to our super advanced Dad Does polling technology, no need to click anything.  Simply think your answer right now… got it! We are now ready to release the results of our poll and declare a winner…

Spring Camping with 99% of the votes is the winner! Oh and for that 1% of you who voted for Spring Cleaning, we have you covered too.  Come on by the Dad Does office and clean this holy mess and while you do, we can chat about your favorite disinfectants.  For the remaining 99% of you…

Join Us At The KOA Campfire For A Fun Chat on Spring Camping

As our regular readers know, we are big fans of the Kampgrounds of America  (KOA) Virtual Campfire community.  The KOA Campfire is a great community where people chat about camping, cooking, travel, outdoor activities and every type of S’mores imaginable!

While a virtual campfire does not work very well for roasting marshmallows (do not try to shove a marshmallow into your monitor, trust me it doesn’t work) it is a great way to share camping stories, tips and advice.   The KOA Campfire draws all types of people – you have your expert campers with years of experience happily chatting with people looking to go on their first camping trip.  The diverse group of participants always leads to lively chats and great ideas being shared.

8pm EST on 4/5/12 – We Talk Spring Camping

At 8pm EST on 4/5/12, KOA will be a hosting a live chat on Spring Camping.  Here is a direct link to the Spring Camping Live Chat.  Come join us and discuss everything related to Spring Camping.  Planning a trip and need advice on where to go?  Come ask the group.  Looking for the right tent to bring on a camping trip?  Pick the collective brain of the camping group.

Can’t make it to the chat live?  No problem, all the info will be stored at this link after 4/5 – so you can go back and read over everything we talked about.  Of course, if you don’t show up for the live event you will not be able to win the prizes…

Did We Mention That There Will Be Prizes?

As if a lively chat on Spring Camping isn’t enough, KOA will also be giving away a number of cool camping related prizes as well.  Perhaps you are not the tent camping type?  Then wear your lucky shirt, show up at the live chat and win the KOA Cabin Voucher.  Maybe you are into roasting the perfect marshmallow?  Rub a rabbit foot and show up and win one of the awesomely cool Rolla Roasters.

As an added bonus, spending an hour talking Spring Camping gives you one more excellent excuse to put off your Spring Cleaning!

More Information:

Visit the KOA Virtual Campfire Community

Join the Live Chat on Spring Camping at 8pm EST. 4/5/12

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