Review: Rockboard Scooter, Can a Kid’s Scooter Be The Pavement’s New BFF?

Rockboard Scooter

Rockboard Scooter

We normally speak for Dads, sometimes Moms, once a while for the kids…but today we speak for the pavement!  Yes, the pavement is sick and tired of those crazy kids with their kick scooters, constantly kicking off on the poor pavement.  Well, pavement, you may have a new Best Friend Forever – the Rockboard Scooter.

Look Ma, I’m Scooting Without Kicking!

The Rockboard Scooter (now being called The Original Rockboard) uses a rocking propulsion system, basically you rock back and forth on the platform and this causes you to move.  Both feet stay on the board, no kicking necessary, it is almost like pedaling by rocking back and forth.  I know, this all sounds bizarre, don’t worry it will all make much more sense once you watch our hands-on video review of the Original Rockboard Scooter -

The Original Rockboard Scooter, Two Scooters In One

Okay, we lied.  The Rockboard Scooter is only the pavements BFF when it is in the “rocking propulsion mode”.  As the video shows, you can also switch over to a regular kick scooter.  It is cool that you have the standard kick scooter option, but we believe the kids will have so much fun in the Rockboard mode that they will almost never convert to a standard kick scooter.

Made for Kids, But With Features That Parents Will Love

As the video shows, the Rockboard scooter is a ton of fun for the kids.  The natural rocking motion will get kids going about 10 MPH, and what kid doesn’t like something that goes?  As a Dad, I fell in love with the Rockboard the moment I saw my three favorite words on the box – “No Assembly Required“.   From the time we opened the box to the maiden voyage was only about 5 minutes.  Busy parents will love how quickly kids can be out and playing with the Rockboard Scooter.

The other great feature for space challenged parents is that the Rockboard folds up easily and quickly.  No tools are required for folding or transforming from Rockboard to standard kick scooter.  If you do have questions about folding or using the Rockboard, an easy to follow manual and CD are included.

Of course, maybe the best parent friendly feature of the Rockboard Scooter is the weight limit (200 pounds) and adjustable handlebars.  This means us Dads and Moms can jump on the Rockboard and have a blast while getting a decent workout.  Yes, the target market is 8 – 16 year old kids, but adults will definitely enjoy riding the Rockboard.

Now Younger Kids Can Get In on The Fun With the Rockboard Mini

Rockboard Mini

The Original Rockboard scooter is great for the 8+ crowd, but what about the younger kids?  Fear not, now the youngsters can get in on the fun with the Rockboard Mini.  The Mini is basically a smaller version of the Original and is made for 5-8 year olds.  We have not tested the Mini, but it must be solid as it won a 2012 Toy of the Year Award (TOTY).

Conclusion:  The Rockboard Scooter is A Totally Fun Way to Get Around Town

Just when you think everything having to do with scooters has been invented, the Rockboard Scooter comes along.  The rocking propulsion system is fun and efficient and every person who tried it loved it! The Rockboard is well made and parents will love the no assembly required and easy fold and go system.  The only real negative to the Rockboard is the $199 price point.  Yes, it is a little pricey for a kid’s scooter, but let’s be honest, this is also a toy us Dads and Moms will use and love as well!

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