Review: Roll & Play by ThinkFun, Can This Toy Finally End Toddlerism?

Roll & Play by ThinkFun

Roll & Play by ThinkFun

Here at Dad Does we believe in speaking up for those who don’t have a voice in this society.  Well, I guess toddlers do have a voice, they just don’t make much sense when they use it, so we have become toddler whisperers.    It turns out toddlers are sick of the rampant Toddlerism they face when it comes to games.  Why are there no games designed for toddlers?  Why do toy manufacturers insist on discriminating against poor, defenseless toddlers?

Can Roll & Play Bring Toddlers Into the Game Playing Fun?

ThinkFun just introduced Roll & Play, with the tag line “Your Child’s First Game“.  We first saw Roll & Play at Toy Fair 2012 and discussed it in our Dad Does Toy Awards Article.  We have now had a chance to test out Roll & Play in the real world, let’s take a look at our video review of Roll & Play by ThinkFun…

Roll & Play, So Simple and So Fun

It really does not get more simple than a big plush cube and some cards.   It is exactly this simplicity that makes Roll & Play such a fun experience for toddlers and their parents.  As the video shows, the cards have all types of fun activities for toddlers and their parents to act out.  How can you not laugh together when you are mooing like a cow for your toddler?

Once Again, ThinkFun Sneaks Learning into the Fun

If space aliens came down and said to ThinkFun, “Make a game that doesn’t teach anything, or we destroy your planet” we would all be reading this on Mars today.  As is true with all ThinkFun games, Roll & Play teaches as it entertains.   There are six categories of cards – emotions, body parts, animal sounds, counting, colors and actions.  Just by playing and having fun, kids are learning basic math and reading skills.  In addition, toddlers are learning the basic ideas of game play – in a non-competitive or threatening way.

Will Roll & Play Hold Up With the Toddlers At The Public Library?

We were very impressed by Roll & Play.   A simple and fun game for toddlers that will have the whole family laughing.  Roll & Play also looks well made, it has a storage pocket so all the cards fit right into the cube for easy transport.  Perhaps most important for a toddler toy, Roll & Play is washable!

Here at Dad Does we believe in pushing our toys to the limit.  We have shipped the Roll & Play out to Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire, to have her test it out with the toddlers at the Children’s Library.  In a few weeks, we will post an update to let you know how the Roll & Play survived the library torture test.  In the meantime, if you have toddlers, get them Roll & Play and show them that toddlerism is finally coming to an end!

More Information:

Roll & Play is for 18 months and up and retails for $19.99.  Visit ThinkFun

Buy Roll & Play for $16.55 on Amazon.Com

Watch Our Video Review of Roll & Play by ThinkFun Junior

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