Puffles Take Over The World, Both Online and Offline. All Hail Puffles

Puffle Plush

Puffle Plush

Resistance is futile.  The Puffle Pets from Club Penguin are taking over. Yes, the Puffles have actually taken over Club Penguin from 3/15/12 – 3/27/12 – but it gets worse.  Not only are Puffle pets taking over the online world, but now they are ready to take over the real world as well.  Oh, there is a silver lining to all this…the Puffles are throwing a party, and really, who doesn’t like a party?

Have a Virtual and Real Puffle Party

For most parents, Club Penguin needs no introduction.  On the off chance you have been offline for a few years, here is a quick recap.  Club Penguin is an incredibly popular online world for kids.  You enter the world as a penguin, pimp out your Igloo, hang with other penguin friends and adopt an incredibly cute pet called a Puffle.

Due to the incredible popularity of the Puffles, Club Penguin has become Club Puffle from 3/15 – 3/27.  You can go online, take control of your Puffle and play all sorts of puffle games online.  If you want even more Puffle fun, you can throw a real life Puffle Party with some plush Puffles from Jakks Pacific.

Here is quick video about the Plush Puffles and Throwing a Puffle Party -

Admit It, You Are Dying to Try Puffle Cake

I bet you are wishing we showed the full recipe for the Puffle Cake in the above video!  Or maybe you are intrigued by the “Puffle Hair Day” activity we mention in the video.  You see what I mean now – Puffles are clearly taking over the world, you are either with them or against them.

If Your Kids Like Club Penguin, They Will Love the Puffle Plush Dolls

All kidding aside, it is really not rocket science to do this review.  If your kids are into Club Penguin, they are going to love the new Plush Puffles from Jakks Pacific.  New for 2012 are the accessories that come with the Puffle Plush doll.   You can now get a plush Puffle with something like a jester hat and that Puffle will also come with an unlock code.  Go to Club Penguin, enter the unlock code and watch your Puffle come to life in the online world.

The Plush Puffles come in a number of different sizes and styles.  The 4″ Plush Puffles have fun accessories this year.   The 2″ Clip-ON Puffle is great for clipping on your backpack and having your very own Puffle with you all day long.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go prepare for the Puffle invasion.

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