Review: Turnstile Revolving Maze Game, A Workout For Your Mind

Turnstile Revolving Maze Game by ThinkFun

Turnstile Revolving Maze Game by ThinkFun

Do your kids workout?  You know, really push it, get things going and become big gainers?  If you have kids 8 or over, you really are doing them a disservice if you are not incorporating a good workout routine into every day.  I am of course talking about a mental workout for your brain!

ThinkFun, the Jack Lalanne of fun mental workout games for kids, has a new game called Turnstile, The Revolving Maze Game.  We first got a glimpse of Turnstile at Toy Fair 2012 and we have now had a chance to play, test and review the game in a real world setting.  Let’s start by taking a look at our video review of Turnstile by ThinkFun -

Turnstile, My Answer to the Dreaded “I’m Bored What Can I Do?” Question

Everybody has something that just makes their fillings hurt.  For some it is chalk squeaking on a chalkboard.  Others throw their hands over their ears from the horrible sound of a fork scraping the bottom of an empty bowl.  For any parent the simple phrase “I’m bored, what can I do?” is enough to send a Mom or Dad into the fetal position.

Often my responses to that dreaded question are met with, “I can’t play that game alone, will you play with me?” or “I need your help to do that“.   I clearly needed a new answer and Turnstile is the perfect one word answer.  Turnstile is a one player game, easy for kids to setup on their own and it is also educational since it is teaching thinking skills.

Turnstile is Simple to Learn, But Provides Enough Challenge to Be Engaging

As the video shows, the concept of Turnstile is very straight forward.  You pick one of the 40 puzzle cards and setup the turnstiles and tokens on the board as shown on the card.  You then try to move each colored token to its respective colored corner.  Tokens can move up, down, left and right and they can push a turnstile open, provided there is room for it to spin open.  As you move through turnstiles you are shifting the puzle, thus creating a revolving maze game.

The puzzle cards move from beginner to expert, with various levels in between.  The first couple of easy cards are fairly easy, so kids will pickup quickly how the game works and not get to frustrated.  As you move into the more advanced cards, things can get really tricky!

Turnstile by Think Fun Makes a Great Travel Game

Turnstile is a great game to take on the road and on vacation.  The game comes with a convenient travel bag that holds everything you need to play.  No batteries are required, simply pull out the game and start having fun.   Kids who like puzzles will love Turnstile.  Even kids who are not huge puzzle fans may like Turnstile because the revolving nature of the game makes it more interactive and actively fun than “traditional” puzzles.

Pros of ThinkFun Turnstile Game

  • Excellent Way to Challenge Kids’ Minds
  • Easy to Learn the Rules of the Game
  • No Batteries Required
  • Terrific Travel Game
  • Varying Levels of Puzzles to Challenge All Ages
  • One Player Game That Kids Can Do By Themselves
  • Answers on Back of Cards if Kids Get Stuck

Cons of Turnstile by ThinkFun

  • Kids Who Don’t Like Puzzles May Get Frustrated On More Advanced Puzzles
  • Once You Solve a Puzzle Card, Not The Same Thrill in Doing it Again

Conclusion:  Turnstile by ThinkFun is a Fun Way to Learn and Think

Puzzle fans will love Turnstile by ThinkFun.  The revolving nature of the game adds a new element to a classic puzzle which makes the gameplay much more enjoyable.  Even non-puzzle fans may get enjoyment from pushing through turnstiles and getting those color tokens back to their homes!  Of course, parents will love the fact that Turnstile is teaching visual comprehension skills, the process of actions and reactions and puzzle solving skills.

If you are looking for a battery free single player game that can keep kids happy, entertained and covertly learning – ThinkFun’s Turstile is an excellent choice.

More Information:

Turnstile by ThinkFun is for Ages 8+ and sells for about $19.99

Purchase the Turnstile Puzzle Game from Amazon.Com

Watch our Video Review of The Turnstile Puzzle Maze by ThinkFun

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