When REAL Dads Shave, They Shave with the Dog- Bulldog!

Bulldog Natural Grooming

This is tough, coming up with a clever headline for a review of Bulldog Natural Grooming products. Maybe, I should go with…

Dads, Tired of Shaving and Still Not Looking Like a Bulldog? We Got You Covered!

Your Bulldog Envy Ends Today… With Bulldog Shaving Gel, Every Dad Can Look Like a Bulldog!

If Bulldogs Exfoliated, 4 out of 5 Bulldogs Would Use Bulldog Face Scrub!

All good, but just not getting the right message across. You see, Bulldog Natural Grooming products are a line of, well, Natural Grooming Products for men. Don’t make the mistake I made, these are NOT for shaving your bulldog… confusing right? Always read the directions first. Anyway, words obviously are not enough to get my feelings on Bulldog across, time for a shocking video…

Shocking Video – A Dad’s Secret, Bulldog and The Surprising Ending

Is there really anything left to say after the video? Oh, I guess we could give you a real review of the Bulldog products.

Dads, Why Are You Covering Your Face in Chemicals?

For me, the answer has to do with ignorance and laziness. As I spray some shaving cream on my face, wash off with some soap, I never really thought much about what was in the stuff I was putting on my face. It turns out a lot of the tradition men’s grooming products are filled with strange chemicals and that’s not cool. Now, I never really made a conscious choice to cover my face in chemicals each morning, I was just too dumb and/or lazy to realize I had a choice.

Bulldog Natural Grooming Products, Because Natural is Not Just For Food Anymore

As many of you know, we journeyed down to the Natural Products Expo East in Boston a few weeks back. We were looking for some great natural treats to tell our Dads and Moms about and we definitely found some (see our Qbel Chocolate review and soon our Coconut Water taste test). What we also found was that natural has to do with a lot more than just foods.

Bulldog Natural Grooming was at the show and sampling out some of their men’s grooming products. Bulldog is a British company and they have now launched their products in the USA. When they told us that their products were free of harmful chemicals and did NOT involve any animal testing – we figured it was our duty to test their stuff out and let the Dads know what we felt!

Bulldog, Manliness In a Box

Bulldog sent us a box of their products – Bulldog Shave Gel, Bulldog Post Shave Balm, Bulldog Face Scrub, Bulldog Face Wash and Bulldog Moisturiser. The first thing we noticed was the smell – one whiff and I felt like a much better looking man than I am. It is a strong manly smell, but what is cool is it is a natural smell. No synthetic fragrances – just manly smelling natural stuff. I wish we could send smells over the internet, oh well, I am sure Google is testing that technology in their self driving car…

One Dad’s Transformation into a Natural Face

We had some fun in the video, but let’s be honest, using any grooming product is not going to completely change your appearance. However, I did feel very good – inside and out – while using the Bulldog products.

Let’s start with how I felt on the outside:

Bulldog Shaving Gel – I am a shaving cream guy, so getting used to a gel took a little work. As the gel doesn’t foam up like shaving cream, I was sure I was going to cut my face open – not the case! Get some hot water on your face, work in some gel and it has an incredibly nice feel to it. In addition, because of the Aloe in the gel – it really cools the face down. There are also a number of other plants and herbs that help moisturize and protect your face.

Bulldog Post Shave Balm – After my shave I put on some Bulldog Post Shave Balm. Why? Because that is what the bottle said to do, and who am I to argue with a bottle? It did feel nice – no alcohol, so no sting. It also has rose hip oil and Vitamin E – good to help sooth and protect your skin (again, that is what the bottle says and who are YOU to argue with the bottle??).

Bulldog Face Scrub – I am going to be honest, I just don’t get the whole exfoliating thing. Any of you Dads exfoliate? If so, might as well use a natural product like the Bulldog Face Scrub. I tried it, it feels like you are washing your face with sand – which is the idea, to scrub off dead skin. Just seems a little medieval to me, but so is eating a giant turkey leg at the state fair and I see plenty of Dads doing that???

Bulldog Moisturizer and Face Wash – I really liked both these products. They just leave your skin feeling good and smelling good – all without chemicals. The products are filled with antioxidants and essential oils so your skin feels clean, but not dried out.

How Bulldog Makes You Feel Good on the Inside

Let’s face it, face wash and shaving gel are not the most exciting and passionate products. Still, why not choose men’s grooming products that reflect your ideals? Bulldog uses natural ingredients as much as possible, never performs any animals testing and uses environmentally friendly packaging. I didn’t feel like I was staging a revolution by using Bulldog, but it did feel right to find another brand that reflects my ideals.

UPDATE 11/9/10: We have teamed up with Bulldog to help raise money and awareness about cancer. As part of the MOvember campaign, men are growing MOustaches in November to raise money for cancer research. We are donating money to the cause and Bulldog is donating grooming products! Confused? Read the whole story at Dad Does Good – Raising Money for Movember

Bulldog is Natural – But Not All Natural

We clearly like Bulldog product a great deal, but if you are determined to use products that are ALL Natural – Bulldog is not for you. Bulldog on their site states, “We will always replace man-made chemicals with natural ingredients where possible.” They also say “We use a small number of synthetic ingredients where performance is justified. We also use some synthetic preservatives in order to maintain shelf life”. They do state that they never use High-Risk Synthetic ingredients.

Clearly, for some people who want an all natural product, this is a deal breaker. For us, we feel like companies should be encouraged and rewarded for taking steps toward moving all natural. Is Bulldog not being All Natural a negative? Yes. Is it better to use products that use natural ingredients whenever possible and do not animal test? We also say yes to that.

As Always, Chemicals are Cheaper Than Natural Ingredients

Bulldog products will cost you more than the standard chemical filled grooming products you find at your local pharmacy. Bulldog is available at Whole Foods and pricing varies, but you will pay a slight premium to have a natural product.

Conclusion on Bulldog Natural Grooming Products

We have a major problem with Bulldog products… how do you have a shaving cream fight with shaving gel??? Seriously, we really like the Bulldog line of grooming products. We were not huge fans of the face scrub, but then again we are not fans of any face scrub. The other products felt good going on, left our face feeling moist and smelling like a manly Dad! In addition, we felt good using a product that eliminates chemicals wherever possible, does no animal testing and much like us – does not take itself too seriously!

Bulldog Natural Grooming Products Get 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received a box of Bulldog products to do this review. We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review. In addition, if you do decide to purchase Bulldog products, we don’t make anything! If you decide to purchase a real live Bulldog after reading this review, you have some issues and may want to seek medical help. This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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